Oraiah - Turn Based strategy/managment

  • Good evening everyone,

    I present to you my project, on which I have been working for a long time already. It is stable and in a relatively advanced development phase. The mechanisms are simple. You happily mix a Reign with a Paradox game (Crusader’s King) and you get Oraiah.

    It is based on substantially similar mechanics. Management / Turn-based strategic management. All of the Seven Kingdoms of the game will all seek to become the Emperor of the continent of Oraiah.


    Welcome to Oraiah. A continent once united under a single empire. However, the recurrent incursions of the recently unified tribes of the great western steppes have undermined the already fragile empire from within. It exploded into a myriad of little Kingdoms. These are only seven. Seven Kingdoms for a single imperial crown.

    Become the King of your own nation and restore the ancient Empire of Oraiah. Claim the imperial throne by subduing your enemies or by radiating a power which will force the other pretenders to submit to you.

    • Discover a unique universe;
    • Create your own dynasty;
    • Extend your Kingdom through diplomacy or war;
    • Solve exciting problematic situations to be resolved with each new season;
    • Keep your crown as well of your neighbors, as of your own people;
    • Explore in search of unique artifacts with powerful bonuses;
    • Build your own castle;
    • Recruit an army and conquer the other Kingdoms;
    • Prepare your defense against your opponents;
    • Carry out diplomatic actions or bribe neighboring countries to be safe;
    • Develop new technologies to gain control over your enemies;
    • Set laws or make resolutions to keep you on the throne;

    What do you think ?

  • Well it looks interesting , let's see some gameplay?

  • Hello,

    here is a very basic gameplay video. First time I touch this kind of thing, but at least we can get a first idea.

    At the beginning the texts are in French, at the end they are in English (the game supports both languages)

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  • Nice one, looks interesting, and polished! I would play it if there is a lot of in depth gameplay on the management side.

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  • Have you published it yet?

  • Hello,


    thanks for the reply, the management side is in development for the moment. We can currently vote on laws, make "local" decisions but each has only 3 decisions / laws.

    I plan to extend it to ten, to get closer to the Paradox mechanics that I particularly appreciate.

    The missives that the player receives with events with a form of management / management in a sense.

    I plan eventually (the initial module is ready but it will be for a second version) to bring a "dynastic" aspect to the player. This would deepen the management aspect.

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    Not yet. In a few days, see two / three weeks this should be the case.

    I still have to:

    - Improve English translation (I use google translate ... I am not proud)

    - Add events

    - Debug the last problems

    - Add Playfab

  • Sounds good. I speak English, so if you need help with the translation, I can help. Also, what platforms will this go to?

  • It would be very nice and appreciable on your part. How can I contact you to discuss it further?

    It would be distributed on Android and probably on a website that I'm starting to develop, but I still have to think about that.

  • You can contact me at gametechy2018isc@gmail.com. Also, I recommend putting it on Amazon. I have an app on Amazon.


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  • I contacted you and thank you for the info I will find out about it!

  • No problem. BTW I got your email.

  • Hello,

    Small update:

    Adding events, setting up a first tutorial, first phase of game calibration started.

    The game in its prototype phase is available on itchio :


    Feel free to leave a comment here, or on the itchio to let me know your comments, opinions (or bugs discovered?) On the prototype.

    Thank you ! :)

  • Hello everyone,

    Oraiah update v0.3

    List of improvements since V0.2

    • Keyboard improvement at the start of the game
    • Add support
    • Complete redesign of the missives. Several choices available with varied consequences and a new design.
    • New menu background
    • 20 new events added
    • Improvement of game statistics (these are now visible by clicking on the top bar in game)
    • Creation of a report for each season
    • Improved game balancing
    • Exploration system to obtain unique trophies
    • Minor bug fixes

    For each bug discovered you can contact me: oraiahgame@gmail.com

  • Hello everyone,

    Oraiah Update V0.4


    • Bug fix;
    • Addition of the trading system;
    • Addition of 15 events;
    • Improved user interface;
    • Improvement of the tutorial.
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