Oraiah - Turn Based strategy/managment

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  • Good evening everyone,

    Welcome to Oraiah, a continent who once was unified under one and only empire. However, the regular incursions of unified big steppes tribes jeopardize an already damaged empire from the inside. The latter split in a myriad of small Kingdoms. There are only seven left now. Seven Kingdoms for one crown.

    Become the King of your own nation and restore the ancient empire of Oraiah. Claim the imperial throne by submitting your enemies by strength or by shining so much that it will force the other pretenders to the throne to submit to you. What will you do, my Lord?

    In this medieval fantasy universe, you will be able to:

    • Discover an unique universe;
    • Create your own Kingdom;
    • Extend your Kingdom through diplomacy or war;
    • Fix problematic situations every new season;
    • Keep your crown from your rivals;
    • Satisfy your people to keep your Royal position;
    • Explore looking for unique artifacts giving powerful bonuses;
    • Build your own Royal city;
    • Recruit an army and conquer the other Kingdoms;
    • Prepare your defenses against your opponents;
    • Lead diplomatic actions or bribe neighboring empires to be safe;
    • Develop new technologies to get the upper hand over your enemies;
    • Define laws or take resolutions to keep your place on the throne;
    • Keep resources in balance through the market.

    Facebook : facebook.com/Oraiah

    Itch.io : oraiah.itch.io/oraiah

    PlayStore : play.google.com/store/apps/details

    More information : oraiahgamegwd@gmail.com


  • Well it looks interesting , let's see some gameplay?

  • Hello,

    here is a very basic gameplay video. First time I touch this kind of thing, but at least we can get a first idea.

    At the beginning the texts are in French, at the end they are in English (the game supports both languages)

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  • Nice one, looks interesting, and polished! I would play it if there is a lot of in depth gameplay on the management side.

  • Have you published it yet?

  • Hello,


    thanks for the reply, the management side is in development for the moment. We can currently vote on laws, make "local" decisions but each has only 3 decisions / laws.

    I plan to extend it to ten, to get closer to the Paradox mechanics that I particularly appreciate.

    The missives that the player receives with events with a form of management / management in a sense.

    I plan eventually (the initial module is ready but it will be for a second version) to bring a "dynastic" aspect to the player. This would deepen the management aspect.

    Give me a pixel

    Not yet. In a few days, see two / three weeks this should be the case.

    I still have to:

    - Improve English translation (I use google translate ... I am not proud)

    - Add events

    - Debug the last problems

    - Add Playfab

  • Sounds good. I speak English, so if you need help with the translation, I can help. Also, what platforms will this go to?

  • It would be very nice and appreciable on your part. How can I contact you to discuss it further?

    It would be distributed on Android and probably on a website that I'm starting to develop, but I still have to think about that.

  • You can contact me at gametechy2018vqa@gmail.com. Also, I recommend putting it on Amazon. I have an app on Amazon.


    Give me a Pixel

  • I contacted you and thank you for the info I will find out about it!

  • No problem. BTW I got your email.

  • Hello,

    Small update:

    Adding events, setting up a first tutorial, first phase of game calibration started.

    The game in its prototype phase is available on itchio :


    Feel free to leave a comment here, or on the itchio to let me know your comments, opinions (or bugs discovered?) On the prototype.

    Thank you ! :)

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  • Hello everyone,

    Oraiah update v0.3

    List of improvements since V0.2

    • Keyboard improvement at the start of the game
    • Add support
    • Complete redesign of the missives. Several choices available with varied consequences and a new design.
    • New menu background
    • 20 new events added
    • Improvement of game statistics (these are now visible by clicking on the top bar in game)
    • Creation of a report for each season
    • Improved game balancing
    • Exploration system to obtain unique trophies
    • Minor bug fixes

    For each bug discovered you can contact me: oraiahgame@gmail.com

  • Hello everyone,

    Oraiah Update V0.4


    • Bug fix;
    • Addition of the trading system;
    • Addition of 15 events;
    • Improved user interface;
    • Improvement of the tutorial.
  • Hello everyone !


    • All events are created
    • Division of the Kingdoms into three regions and possibility of conquering them individually
    • New GUI
    • Improved AI
    • New icons
    • Improved combat system
    • Improvement of gold production systems (henceforth by region and no longer by the presence of buildings in the city)
    • Improved Gameplay
    • Preparatory phase for the "construction" part of the game (new design and new production mechanics)
    • Preparatory phase for English translation
    • Fixed various bugs
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