Oraiah - Turn Based strategy/managment

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  • Oraiah V0.7 Bug Fix

    Update the itch.io to the last verrsion.

    • bug fixes during endgame
    • Bug resolved when not adding certain events
    • Addition of the latest cards
    • Addition of provincial texts
    • Added details for GUI
  • ​Oraiah V0.8 UPDATE

    1. Solution of minor bugs
    2. Improvement of around 30% of texts (English and French)
    3. Update of GameAnalytics
    4. Added a new logo
    5. New pre-game background
    6. Added a new slider
    7. Review of game unit visuals
    8. Addition of backup for expeditions
    9. Removal of the "bonus" of the masked man
    10. Modification of the introduction
  • oh wow, this game is good, better island building game than royal revolt 2 or even dargon city. well done. however i think the villagers are being to greedy to their king.

  • Thank you for the compliment that makes me happy!

    Yes I agree with you, it will be improved for the last version before a real release!

    For the moment I am working on a new version of the Chateau which does not suit me at all. (Visual and management)

  • Bug: in the name insertion screen, if you click on shift button on the last name field you cannot then write anything...

  • Hello !

    Thanks for pointing it out to me! The bug is fixed and an improvement (still partial) of the English translation has been made.

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  • Wow, this is nice, I think you should add some more regions and land to explore. Also can you improve the language texts and maybe add a chinese / japanese translation as most of the big games try to have that because those places are good for marketing. Anyways in your game im literally army - underdeveloped but my city is developed. Gotta go develop my army ! MrWu

  • Hello ! I retain your proposal for future updates, thank you for the review!AquaBoilingLava

    Oraiah UPDATE 0.9.1

    1. 90% of the English language has been improved
    2. Improvement of the French language
    3. Addition of a new city to build and new buildings
    4. Improved technologies
    5. Preparation of the "siege weapons technology" implementation for the capture of the regions where the capital of each kingdom is located.
    6. Removal of any advertising system in the game (video reward)
    7. Improved Game Analytics of the game

    Screenshot :

  • Looks good. I will have to try it.

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