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  • Hello!

    I just posted my platformer that I've been working on for about a year and a half now. It's my first game dev project (I started it before my other game Thumb Defense), so it's a bit rough in places and there's a lot I'd do differently now, but two years ago, I never imagined I'd be able to create something like this. I wouldn't have been able to do it though without the help of the forums. I really appreciate everyone that helped me out, and that was patient with my silly and probably really obvious questions. This community is just so kind and welcoming to newcomers. Thank you so much!



  • Nice game, but in my opinion you need to lighten the background colours, because they are exactly the same as the foreground and its hard to distinguish between them.

  • Thanks for playing! I'll keep that in mind for future projects.

  • It looks a bit like a 'basic' game, nothing we haven't seen before. I would add under the intro 'Enter to skip' so you don't have to torture the minds of people who forgot you could skip it.

    Anyway I played for about 5 mins, I couldn't understand what it was that he's throwing, is it an egg or something? And who or what is that imitation of you? Or is it supposed to be mysterious. I like the music. It's good music for a platformer. Graphics could be improved by adding more/beter detail to the tileblocks, to make it look more like that 80's pixel style if that's what you were after.

    Oh and I would respawn the player where, or at least close before where you died. It was already annoying enough to have to do so constant double jumps and quickly having to kill aliens once you're on the platform, and now I have to kill the exact same aliens repeating everything. No one likes having to start over.

    By the way, I initially thought you could pick up those alien eyes, I thought they were something to collect, although it was a nice touch that the eye follows you. I would use that 'eye left on the floor' feature for those 'indestructible' aliens, as it's temporarily downed, it would pop back to life after a while.

  • Thanks for playing! If I did it all over again, I'd probably make Winston's movement more complex, but it's my first project. I've learned a lot from it that I'll take into future projects.

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  • I've gotten some feedback that the game is a bit too hard. I just released an update with difficulty tweaks, so if anyone had trouble with the game, it might help! Thanks again!

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