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  • Looks really good, especially in videos and GIFs! Definitely has some potential for marketability on social media through GIFs. I would suggest mixing up screenshots on steam - the first 4 are the most important, and 3 of them currently show the same environment while there are better screenshots later. Good luck with the project!

  • Thanks for your comment, and your suggestion! That makes sense, I just rearranged the first Screenshots. Thanks!!

  • Great job! Love the animations. I think the hats are a really nice touch! You are a great animator and artist!

  • Oh, and maybe add a screenshot of the cupid section from trailer as one of the first screenshots to demonstrate more gameplay diversity. Or maybe some other events / boss fights if you have any.

  • Oh my god! It is a very beautiful game. Keep it up

    Start working on promotion part now

  • Thanks a lot for all the kind comments and inputs! I invested quite a lot of energy into this project, so I am glad to see this positive first impressions!

  • Well, I've never seen a platform game with a dog before. It's even kind of cute! I probably wouldn't play it myself - I assume it's meant for kids due to its innocent character and display - but I'm sure a few generations younger would like it!

    I especially love the last 'outro' part of your gameplay movie on Steam. You kept it perfectly fun, cute and innocent. You definitely have skill with animation and character display, keep it up!

    One thing though; it seems to be all and only about running over and across obstacles/platforms, is it an 'auto-running' game only? I wasn't sure about that if you could control the character.

    I mean, you could make much more of a 'Little Dog Bob Adventure' game if you could control the dog more. You know, turn left, right, enter kennels to go to another or sub level, dig pre-dug small holes further out and go into an underground tunnel, or find enough dog biscuits to transcend to the clouds (bonus level). Maybe even a 'boss' level where you must sneak past a mean dog, and/or find the dog whistle that'll scare it off so you can enter the 'big' kennel and go to the next level.

    And on the final level, find his leash so his 'boss' will come by and finally take him away. You could save different fellow dogs in or at the end of the level from a cage that the boss dog guards. Doesn't have to be a dog only game, you could also save pet cats, birds, mice, etc. For example, after freeing the bird, you must follow it and not lose track while overcoming obstacles.

    I understand that I suggested this with Mario-esque gameplay in mind, I'm not exactly experienced with creating platformers but I'm sure you get my drift; there's so much more you could do with this concept. Or save it for a second title catered to a bit higher age group: 'Little Dog Bob: Adventure'. I suppose anyone could make a game with these ideas, but you already have a concept, the drawing/animation skills, and got accepted onto Steam thus giving you a foot in the door.

  • Thanks a lot for your comment! Yes it is kind of an 'auto-running' game, but you can accelerate and slow down, move to the front of the frame or back. When you fall out of the viewport, then its game over. In some levels you have a limited choice where to go, up or down.

    Yes it triggers a lot of Ideas what could be done next, but I realized that I had to limit myself if I want to finish the game. Its done in my free time, so the resources where limited.

    I worked a lot on the system that the dog can freely interact with his physics environment. Once that worked, my main focus was to use this system to built fun and diverse levels.

  • Hey, no problem. How long did you work on this game? You are right that focus is important if you want to get results.

    I've got way too many ideas, too much excitement and too little time. I've got dozens of A4 papers with ideas that I drawed out that I'd like to work on..!

  • honestly I don't realy know how long it took me to finish it, but it was a lot of work. I started with the first sketches of the dog roughly 3.5 years ago. I did it beside work, but I once had a moment between 2 projects where I worked like 1 Month full time on the game. This was a crucial moment, I reworked the whole technical base which was very unproperly done - something I couldnt have done in an hour here and there in the evening.

  • Dang! That's a long time. I can't imagine myself making a game for 3,5 years. I don't think I wouldn't have the mental stamina for that. I'm sure that, there were moments were you worked more, and at other moments less on your games.

    Currently, I'm working on two projects that I set up two years ago. One of them was nearly finished at the time. Fortunately I have enough time every week to work on projects; I can work on them for a good 3-4 whole days if I want to.

    I'd love to work on a project that's a bit bigger though. I notice I'm a bit afraid the end result won't be satisfying and hours will be wasted. I just wish I could work on projects every day, the whole day. But don't we all.. :D

    I'm bursting with ideas every week. Often inspired by old DOS/early Windows games as well. I come across a game that I never seen before, and then I ask myself; I wonder if I can make something like that.. I work on it for a bunch of hours, but then I realize the scope of the project and how much effort it will take to finish a product that you are unsure if anyone will want to play it.

    Do you think would be a good platform to 'test the waters'? Other than here?

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  • Well that sounds great, I hope you will soon show what you are working on! Or do you have some projects on I am not too familiar with all the different platforms, so I cant really comment on your last question.

    I think it has also some good points to work over a long period time on a project the way I did. There were moments I haven't spent an hour on the game for a month or so, then it was great to have fresh eyes and a clearer view. But it needs some discipline not to stopp in moments of low motivation, thats for sure.. :)

  • Congratulations on your submission!

    Your game looks great. I wish you luck with your launch. :)

  • Hey, nah I only recently created an account. I have not put anything up yet. It seems that I never find my content 'finished enough' to show, even though I'm proud of what I make. Also, once you put up content I feel I might be creating expectations for myself and the visitors, that I will need to turn it into a full game. I'm not sure if it's a good platform to test the waters for ideas, maybe Twitter or Reddit is better for that? I've no idea.

    What works wonders for me anyway, is switching between projects, so you'll always have something fresh and new to work on. Danger there is that you might switch and/or hop from idea to idea.

    But I think I'll just post a few things anyway. See what it does, and when people like what you create it's always rewarding and motivating to continue.

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