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  • Hi Everyone,

    This is a simple game that we were working on it at ( 22 Pixels Games ) and it's coming to iOS and Android very soon



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    it is contains 6 chapters, each chapter has 15 levels with total of 90 levels

    it is support 18 different languages

    Let's know what do you think about the game trailer ?

    What do you think is the best price for it ?

    Do we need a publisher ?

    Thank you ..

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  • Graphics look good. But the gameplay.. who's your target audience? It's very repetitive and will get dull quickly. But even if it was made simplistic for kids, they will be bored as well. They need a lot of variation in everything and have a short focus span.

    I only saw one type of obstacle, the sharp pins, and I think two collectables (coin and can). You've got to improve on that, unless you only showed a few levels.

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