HEllo, please Helpme!! APK RUN SLOWWWW in PHONE

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  • Good morning to the community of builders.

    I offer you excuses for the bad English I have.

    I write so that you, the gurus of this platform, can help a small baby who is taking his steps in this system,

    I have exported a debugging apk from contruct but when I install it on phones it works very slow, it cannot be played, the apk weighs 4 MB. I have tried everything:

    Reduce images size and reassemble project, use android, use cordova, java plugin, find intel xdk, but it doesn't exist anymore. use phonegab ... AND NOTHING !!


    What should I do to make my apk work well on the phone? I see that it happens to several ...


  • What model device are you running it on and have you tested many other devices? Normally this kind of problem is some ancient device that has buggy graphics drivers and so reverts to software rendering. Virtually all modern devices should be just fine.

  • Hello, thanks for answering

    I am running it on a Y9 2019 huawei with Hisilicon Kirin 710 processor

    4gb ram

    android 9

    I look forward to your responses

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  • It sounds relatively recent. But maybe your game is just slow because you used too many events/graphics. It's hard to say without seeing the actual project.

  • Just a shot in the dark: Make sure that you are very careful with effects. Best case, use none. They will very quickly push devices to the limits.

  • Here project Images....:(

  • good day


    I was finally able to fix the delay problem in my app

    Thank you all for responding.

    I leave an image of the parameters that I changed in the project properties, in case someone else has the same problem,

     with this my app ran like the wind

    ahhhh !!!

    Gracias CONSTRUCT!


  • y algo mas!

  • Children

    there is an error in the image please

    do not activate

    "Use high DPI


    Hope this works for everyone who has the same problem

    GOODBYE! and a lot of arcade

  • Your screenshots also show you still using the older and much slower Construct 2 runtime. Switching to the C3 runtime could help a lot. It sounds like the game might be bottlenecked on the GPU hardware bandwidth though, which is typically the result of using too many images and effects.

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