GunnSwitch (Steam/PC) Platformer/Shooter in an open world

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  • Hello friends, we have finally moved our project GunnSwitch over to Construct 3. I'm very happy with all the new features and faster run time/load times with C3, thanks to the team for making my game dev life a little bit easier.

    Its taken a lot of time to get all the mechanics in our game to work right. Now that we have everything working pretty smoothly I'm very pleased that the feel of the game is unique and fun, the controls are tight and responsive.

    GunnSwitch is an open world 2D platformer/shooter with hand drawn and animated HD graphics. Featuring a Psytrance soundtrack. Inspirations for the game are Blaster Master, Megaman, and Metroid.

    Your character Gunn will have a tank equipped with jump boosters, grappling abilities, anti-gravity traction, a multitude of weapons and more. The player/tank dynamic is like Blaster Master and will feature areas that the Tank cannot access making Gunn need to jump out of the tank and explore on foot.

    We have put our own spin on it though and the game feels vastly different. We cant wait to reveal our little game secrets, in the coming months we will have a demo coming out with 3 full stages.


  • These scenes are from the Demo Stage 2 which is still a work in progress at around 80% done.

  • Here is another scene from Stage 2, I adjusted the clouds and water in the background. They parralaxing is quite nice.

  • Here are some more shots, over the week end I spent some time adding some scaling effects for enemies and they are looking pretty cool, adding some depth to the motion it looks smooth.

  • Looks pretty cool. One thing I´d adjust are the backgrounds in terms of clarity. Right now it can be a bit hard to judge what is background and what isn´t. Maybe it´s a bit better in motion but generally distant objects will get a blue haze from the atmosphere, especially the mountains/cliffs. This will create more depth and makes it easier to see if something is part of the foreground or not.


  • Hey Wacky, thanks for the insight. In motion things are a bit clearer but I agree the foreground should stand out a bit more. Will try it out, great example by the way.


  • Your game cover needs a little more editing. It was hard to read the title from a distant and should pop out more. I mainly just had to look up close to see the words "switch" in your GunnSwitch title. The background also blends with the crystal light display and your cover is kinda dark making it a little confusion for the person to see whats going on in your cover. Another thing, your right crystal lights are faded out more compared to the lights coming from the left crystal display.I would make the lights shine stronger to see, so the person will know that its lights coming from both crystal displays and I would change the dimish pink background to a darker more solid color, like a dark blue, or black fading into blue maybe? The last thing you should do is make the character a bit more bigger to see. He's bit small to me and I can't see much details of him without looking up close.

  • Hey GamerDude, thanks for your thoughts.

    Thats not really the game cover, its a screenshot from the beginning of the game, its cropped and lower image quality. In motion you'll see a vast difference. Live in person its pretty crisp and clear, its all HD sprites at 1080 resolution but I dont want to post huge images of the game so they are shrunk down to 60% of the actual size and cropped.

    The lighting of the crystals are in motion, they are flickering on and off which is why they dont seem to be bright and shining. In game the character is pretty large, when the player jumps out of the tank it scales/zooms in to the screen 1.4 times the size.

    And yes, everything needs a little editing lol...its still in demo/beta so the little things are not polished yet, I've been more concerned with the game play and controls at this time, my artist will be going over these things as we get into the polishing phase.


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  • Oh okay, that's good to know since your working on it still. I was just worried if that was the finalized art of your work.But since its screenshots of your game of what you are doing so far then thats different. It's looking nice so far, but as WackyToaster says, just make sure to change the size of somethings so it will be more clearer of what's the background and whats not the background.

  • Here are a couple more shots of the stage, the second one is a mini boss tank battle..still a work in progress but we have some good attacks in there..happy Saturday!


  • This is a shot of the beginning of Stage 2 with added haze effect (Still fine tuning this) and the Start animation which we are using WebM video for. Love the format as it doesnt take up much space and has transparency.

  • Quick Update:

    (Tried to post pics a couple days in a row and for some reason the photo button is not responding so until that's figured out you can keep up to date with the project at our twitter

    Some things we have added:

    Tank Shield: Now when the player jumps out of the tank a blue shield transitions over the tank with a cool effect using animation and particles. The tank will be impervious to enemy fire and the player can stand within the Tank Shield to stay safe from enemies.

    Added screen transitions, fixed numerous game play and enemy movement glitches, Tinkered and polished up the first stage (Hard to know when to stop lol), added new explosion animations, Health Bar positioning using lerp when scaling the layout in and out. Also added New effects with lerping action for the Title and logo at the beginning of the game (looking really cool), changed enemy animations and graphics for Stage 1

    Theres more but I cant remember them all at the moment lol

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