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  • I decided to give gamejams a go this summer, so I decided to take part of the GBJAM 7.

    Here is my entry:

    A Ghost Story is a story driven RPG with some puzzles to solve.

    Play a ghost that doesn't know he is one.

    Solve puzzles, and help him remember what happened.

    Hopefully you will meet a cute friend along your way.

    I tried to tell a story, but it may end suddenly since I ran out of time.

    It also means you might find some unwanted glitches or bugs somewhere, even if I tried to solve as much as possible.

    Let me know your feedbacks, and thoughts.

    If people do like it, I may consider making this prototype a real game.. And why not a ROM version so you could play it on your fav emulator, or GameBoy console..

    A big thanks to @lotusotho (Alejandro Ramos) for his 3 theme songs despite the last minute rush!

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  • Well I played your game and I give a lot of respect for your hard work and efforts of making this game. It has the Gameboy look era and feel for sure. When I first started playing it and as I walking around in the grass, i was really expecting for a pokemon to jump out and start a random battle lol. But aside from that, playing it was fun. The chase was exciting to me and tho the puzzles are nice, they became a little to repetitive of solving the same type of puzzle (moving and breaking the rock to the hole). I like the story, it's cute and start to the point and it does make you want to find out what happened in the ghost past that led him on his journey. I also love that you can continue the game once you leave! So thats huge bounus because I think I made it pretty far and it would of been ashamed if I had to start from the very beginning. So now, I can still continue where I left off anytime and continue the ghosts adventure. You really pulled this off well and I have not seen or encountered any bugs yet, but if I do, i'll defiantly let you know. The last thing I could say however is that if you think about editing the designs in the game, go for a ghostly vibe design for the boxes and interaction boxes because while playing the game was fun, it still kept me thinking I was playing a pokemon game when I wasn't. So, I would just add a few designs to it here and there, but other than that, great work.

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