Game reveal: Maze Zone (Arcade Shooter Game)

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  • Hello everyone! Just as I promised from the last update, that I would be revealing more about my project that I have been working on for a while now. If your an old arcade game lover and you like classic arcades games like Galaga, Pacman, Dig Dug, Xevious, Pole Position and more, then this game is for you! I gladly to present you.... Maze Zone!

    Official Game Cover

    Maze Zone is a 2D arcade shooting maze game that is inspired by two of my favorite arcade games, Galaga and Rally-X. The goal of this game is to take out the unidentified air crafts that resides inside the unknown maze. Once you taken out the enemies within the level, you advance to the next level increasing the difficulty and encountering new types of enemies. There are items to collect to increase your points as well and the point value of these items increases as you advance into higher levels. This game offer 1-2 players and you can customize your controls. There will soon be a demo of this game soon, so be on the look out.

    Plot: A mysterious pyramid hive like ship had landed upon the earth to collect "resource"(humans) for "Father" of the ship and whipped out a whole rural town. The military had discovered this great event and is now taken actions of taking down this ship before it escalates further. Covering up the incident, the Gov has ordered immediate orders of keeping this confidential from the public while making plans of attacking this great threat. Upon analyzing and learning more about the enemy, the base discovered that these "unknown flying objects" are really drone like creatures with a metallic hard-like body. Now prepared, the military is ready to make their move, sending out the air force to strike. The air force fought hard, but became out numbered by the enemy taking many of their lives. However, a very skilled pilot fighter was able to fight back with his sharp instincts and decisive thinking while he battle his way inside the enemy's hive. Only then, he truly realized that this battle has just begun.

    Video of demo game play

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    Btw, the gameplay is faster in real life. For some reason when I record, it makes it looks slow.

    Preview 1

    Preview 2

    I'll up load some more content for this soon.This is the final update so every thing news wise and update about the game will be posted in this post from now on. So if interested, just follow the post to hear more upcoming updates for it. Last, I've gotten some of the majority of codes I wanted to work on half completed. So I hope to finish up on these difficult coding I like to wrap up so I can be on my way of finishing things up. Levels are done. It's just the gameplay of the coding im stuck on. But I have not come this far just to give up. Anyways, this game should be done in about 3-4 months if I can just get these events right and desired the way I want. Im planning on selling this on Steam once everything is finalized and officially done. Gameplay is not fully done, so im working on that and am trying to make a way for the drones to be more smarter as well.

    Gameplay Cover


  • Also would like to have some feedback as well:).

  • Hey guys, just posting an update of what im working on. So still just getting some details done for my levels and as well with making sure my enemies are working properly. I still got to code some of the enemies ability and decide when or how fast they will be on the level. Still got some work to put in, but its all coming together. I also have to work on making an actual mini map to help the player be guided through the maze. Had a few ppl test it and they said it was pretty cool and fun BUT difficult to navigate because they don't have a sense of what's coming or where they are going unless you have muscle memory of the mazes such as myself to know where your going or whats coming. Anyways got to work on that so it can give the player a better experience of playing. Last, I realized this that I shouldn't share too much because it is an arcade game, so I don't won't to spoil all the content. But, I do want to give yall some exciting game play to look forward to so I just need to plan it properly. Here's a gif of the menu screen of the game ;)

  • Hello everyone, back again to give you some news and update about my game. Well, the first thing I would like to say is just wow. Lol. I had no clue it would take this much effort to make an actual playable arcade game lol. I've been working on this project since September of 2019 and I had ALOT of huge ideas and features I wanted to have in for the game that I have to reconsider keeping in. Some of these features, which was kept as a surprise for the game was a boss battle at the very end. I plan to had the player fought the "father" of the hive in the final level. But could not actually think of a good way for the player to fight it since the player moves fast through mazes and the boss is pretty big size. So, that idea is going to be put on the shelf and just keep it out so it won't ruin the game. Another feature I had plan was custom control. Which allows the player to change the keys to the desired inputs they want as the controls. Spending this much time on this game, I would just rather make the keys have international inputs to save me some time on finishing up the game. I wanted to keep the customize inputs in to make the game feel more legit as an arcade game than a web browser game, but it will just have to do. This is my first huge major game that im planning on selling and releasing. So, with that said, I hope to make it the best it can be.

    Here's what the final boss looked like for my game. It's now a scratched idea.

  • New gameplay of my game! Im working on making my enemies more intelligent and tactical on going their own route and trying to trap/corner the player. Also trying to get them to not just follow after each other to make them more unpredictable. Also, there are other themes besides the one playing, I just havent assigned them for the level they are going to be on. Im also thinking bout a new cover art for this game. I like my game cover, but I never gotten any comments or feed back of the cover of the game, or any of them. So I would like to hear some. But anyways, keep on the look out for more of the content.

    Here goes some more gameplay!

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  • OST cover for my game!

    Updated cover of actual CD size.

  • IMMM BAAAAAAAAACK! Happy New Years everyone! Hope this year will be a great year everybody! Im ready to get things pop'n and roll'n this year as well as finishing up this game I've been working on for quite some time. I have some new updates with the game that I liked to share and the progress that's been done.

    So to start out, A new radar system has been put into the game and now it shows navigation within the level, distance from the enemy and a cleaner look for the game!

    Take a look...

    Video footage of the new radar system.

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    Another big update is that the game can now be playable in 2-player mode! [WHOOT WHOOT!]

    Now you can enjoy playing with another person and competiting in getting the highest score than the other person. Just like those good ole classic arcade games.

    Player-2 Jet

    Other updates. Just finished up some layouts images for the controls. The game supports international Keyboard settings, so I took some time to make a nice visual keyboard inputs the players can use for the game, which are QWERTY(English keyboard controls) AZERTY(French/Belgium Keyboard controls) and Arrow keys, which are common for all users.

    More updates. I have recorded my voice as well and added an "Arcade voice" for when the player starts the game.(You can probably hear it at the beginning in the video I just posted). Created the ending for my game and worked on the credits as well. I got to fix my fading with the credits , but im basically done with it.

    So, those are the biggest things im so glad that got done with my game so far. So then, is the game about finish? NO (I thought it would be from the last time I posted, but its not close at all lol). I still got some work to finish up with it, such as the pause menu, transitions of layouts, certain bugs, adding a top 5 score, music, adding in some more things and of course, checking and making sure any more issue are discovered so they can be dealt with! But for the timing being, its getting there! And as much as I would like to say I did this all "By myself", I would like to give a huge special thanks and shoutout to dop2000for your assistance and help you done as well with this project! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have gotten this far with where im at with my project now. THANK YOU!

    To end this, im satisfied with this progress that has been made with this game and I will be continuing to finish this till THE END!

  • BTW, The speed of the gameplay in the video is NOT the actual speed! It LOOKS slow or looks like thats the actual speed of the game, but it's not. Believe me, this game is pretty fast past.

    Also to note* For another update, I will be doing a new cover art for the game as well.

  • Hey, it's great to see you made so much progress with the game! Would love to see it released one day.

  • Great news everyone! the game is about finish!!! As the last time I posted, the things and checkup ups I've done has been completed! Pause menu is done, Layout out transitions are finish, game modes are functioning well, tweaks and edits has been made for gameplay, credits is completed, everything is working how I imagine it would! Two things I decided not to continue with, Top 5 leader score board, and new cover art. I decided that my "Gameplay" cover will be the one for the game cover and my first cover. As for the top 5, its not really needed to make it an "Arcade game". The music is still being worked on, BUT im getting on it. Im planning on looking for 10 BETA TESTERS to try out the game for BRUTATL HONEST criticisms. So I will be looking for the feedback of what needs to be improved, what was liked, what was not liked, controls, gameplay, and detailed feedback on why you did or did not like it. Im just not sure where to host it or allow just the 10 testers to try. But anyways, the help would be greatly welcome. Last planning on making a nice game trailer for it and planning a launch date to upload it to Steam. I've come a long way with this game so I hope to make it the best it can be. Very happy for this and that this is one of my first major game I created to sell. We shall see what fortune this will bring. Very challenging game so be on the look out!

  • Demo of the game is currently being developed to play for a select few testers. Will be announced soon to try out to give feedback. ;)

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  • Hey guys, sorry I haven't been keeping everyone posted but im back! I was doing a lot of filing and paperwork for my business and still working on that and music for the game. I have 3 songs left to complete and the game will FINALLY be officially Steam ready. BUT, enough time has pass and I think its finally about time to release that demo[WOOT WOOT]! Im going to upload the demo on TUESDAY of JUNE/22/2021. The time the demo will be uploaded is at 6PM! So be on the look out folks and let me know what you think! Im getting everything ready and prepared so there won't be no possible issues.

  • Just one more day for the official demo to be released🎮👾

  • It's here everyone! Maze Zone demo is officially released on!

    Click on the link here to play. Enjoy!

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