Game reveal: Maze Zone (Arcade Shooter Game)

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  • So, since the demo of the game has launched I haven't gotten a lot feedback as I liked. However, I had received positive feedback of the game outside it's comments section, in other posts I made of it. Newgrounds would defiantly get the feedback I need to see, so I will be altering the controls just for that site since they have scrolling on their page that the buttons are used to play the game. I had one guy beat the full demo of my game, so I was happy to see that and know that the game is not too hard for a person to play. Anyways, not giving up and will follow through with launching and making my first project as a developer. Regardless if its a success or not, im just happy to make video games :) If you haven't already checked out the game, please come try it out and tell me what you think of it on my account. Looking for more of the feedback and it's defiantly welcomed. Until then, see you later players ;)

    If you have an account lets follow eachother, looking to connect more with other developers.

    Link of the demo below

  • I have finally come to a completion of my game and will be releasing my first project. At the beginning, I was going to release it on Steam. But I realize is very beginner friendly and it doesn't take much or cost 100 dollars just to upload a game and sell it. Especially if the 100$ goes to waste from no sells. So im not in no rush for steam. is a really good place for me to start to get some experience on marketing and sells. The main goal of this all was to get the experience and that's what I achieved. I jumped into this project not knowing much coding at all, and was able to learn some advance stuff I couldn't possible think was possible, but knew it was possible to do. Worked on this for 3 years, since the middle of 2019 around September. Not too bad for my first game. But anyways, I will release it tonight on at 12AM. The full game has been changed from feedback I got. I can finally move on, take a break close this project and start working on my other projects I started on. I will upload here tonight.

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  • I've accomplished my goal! The game is finally up and ready for download on! Full game in link below if interested.

    Game Title: Maze Zone

    Developer: Black Clan Studios

    Author: Germane B.

    Engine: Construct 3

    Genre: Arcade Shooter

    Year: 2019-2021

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