My first construct game: Alien Defense

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  • Hi everyone,

    I started using Construct 6 weeks ago and have made a test game. Not planning to do much with it and I made a bunch of mistakes with it, but thought I'd post it anyway. :)

    It's a bit like Plants Vs Zombies in space (with limited gameplay). It's a bit boring and the animations suck but I'm out of practice with all that. Anyway, got something made and will work on better games to come!

    Although I haven't posted here much, I've been using GOOGLE to get all the answers I need from the forum so thanks to all who've answered questions here.

    Construct 3 is an amazing tool. I can't wait to start on my next game.

    Thanks everyone :)


  • very nice! :) I only made it to day 3... the graphics look great.

  • Hey thanks for checking out the game! :)

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  • Got some good feedback on the game and have altered a few things, including the pause menu and fixed some bugs. The frame rate was really bad on mobile thanks to using blend mode, opacity and a color FX on a couple of big sprites.

    I've also uploaded my first ever game to

    Like everything, Construct 3 makes that super easy too - you just upload the .zip that Construct exports with the HTML5 option. Nice!

  • tried it again! this time was a lot easier because you start with more money. after a few days, everything was fully upgraded. Then all I had to do was quickly put down 8 turrets and the aliens never got close. That cost 400 per day, but since you make about 640 per day that wasn't a problem.

    I stopped playing after 40 days... had over $10,000.

    One possible bug I saw was when a turret took some damage - all of them started smoking.

    it would be awesome to have more upgrades available, and maybe a boss level every several days...

    Anyway, excellent job! :)

  • Played your game! Love the concept, would be nice if the bullets were animated and had some particles when they impact. I also found a bug wherein the cost to upgrade something resets after every round. So i paid $100 to upgrade my turret to level 2. Then next round i paid $100 to upgrade it to level 3. Oh and after the game was over, i pressed continue and it let me play the next day...

  • Hi Vinnie and Allan.

    Can't thank you enough for checking out the game!

    I'll fix those bugs now.

    Much appreciated, thank you

  • I really like this game, would be ideal for mobile.

  • Hi SizCoz :)

    Thanks for checking the game out.

    I'll look into getting it onto mobile and how to do it.



  • Hi Tom_A2020

    Congrats Tom, nice little game :)

    Cool gfx and animations.

    My son (12 years) did 11 days, then he let me play and i failed at 13 :D

    We had a little bug : after a game, the hi-score screen tells us 0 day. It counts the hiscore AFTER that screen.

    I wonder something about you animations. Did you use something like Spriter or Spine ?

    Are-they pre rendered ?

    I guess the bend cannon effect was pre rendered ?

  • Hi Freid

    Thanks to you (and your son!) for checking out my game. I'll sort that bug out now. Weird all the things you miss when you're testing your own game, huh?

    I'm using Spriter for the animations in the game. Spriter has an absolutely fantastic plugin for Construct 3 that does a lot more stuff than I need, but it's impressive how much work they've put into it.

    You can do some cool stuff with Spriter but I like it because it saves time. Rather than drawing loads of 'frames' you just make some body parts and tween the movement. It also gives you hundreds of frames of movement with very little spritesheet size.

    If anyone wants my spriter animations to use in their own work, or mess around with them, feel free to download them here

    I'm not the best animator but I like using spriter. :)

    Thanks again for playing the game. :)))


  • Also, if anyone wants to download the Construct 3 file for this game, to use as a template or just have a laugh at my 'code' then please do

    It's done on the paid version so I don't know if it will run on the non-paid C3.


  • Very nice for a first game. I think you did a wonderful job making it and I played your first version you uploaded.

  • Thanks GamerDude :)

    Really appreciate you having a shot on my game!

  • I'm using Spriter for the animations in the game. Spriter has an absolutely fantastic plugin for Construct 3 that does a lot more stuff than I need, but it's impressive how much work they've put into it.

    Hi Tom thanks for your reply.

    Spriter, huuu. I did buy it but couldnt find yet the time to really use it.

    I gotta say that i'm waiting strongly to get the next spriter with mesh deform options. I miss it. That's why, by the way i was curious about the turrets bending.

    Thanks again for sharing :)

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