My first construct game: Alien Defense

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  • Yeah I bought Spriter so long ago I forgot I had it installed p) It was a nice surprise.

    Reading the forums today it looks like the mesh deform never happened. Although they do keep the Construct plugin up-to-date so maybe they'll get to it.

    It would be awesome.



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  • Also, if anyone wants to download the Construct 3 file for this game, to use as a template or just have a laugh at my 'code' then please do

    It's done on the paid version so I don't know if it will run on the non-paid C3.


    This is really cool game and I have spent over 2 hrs playing it but did notice a few issues that needs fixing but one in particular is having to restart from beginning after failing. when you restart from beginning, the level 1 has more attacking enemies than the initial level 1.

    Also it would make more sense to add some sort of life to allow players to continue from their last level in case player decides to call it a day to continue next time.

    Also it looks like some of the upgrades have a few bugs but can recall now.

    If I may ask, are all the graphics from spriter?

  • Hi Sysads

    Wow thanks for playing for that long and the feedback. I'll work on those bugs today. That's so valuable. Thank you!

    The graphics are all from Spriter, yup. I draw the characters in Artrage, export the body parts to png and then do the animations in Spriter.

    The workflow is a bit fiddly to get working with Construct 3, but there's some good youtube tutorials on it, and the spriter plugin is really good for Construct 3.

    Thanks again!

  • Something else you might want to consider to prolong play is adding turret upgrades so when you have upgraded the powers for the initial turrets, then one can upgrade the actual turrets and start another power upgrades.

  • Thanks for the feedback guys :)

    I've added a bit of a save system so you can quit from the pause menu and keep going later. Also fixed a few bugs while I was on.

    The save state in Construct 3 is ridiculously simple. So hard to do in some other engines. They've done a great job with that.



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