[Feedback needed] Superube Demo Released

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  • Greetings fellow Construct 3 developers!

    I've been running a game development course in Finland for a little more than two months now. So far we've managed to create ten games by game development first-timers. It's been such an awesome ride to see the progress of these motivated developers. I'm pretty sure that the course students will be browsing these forums and posting their own games here pretty soon, but while waiting I'm going to present my personal take during this course.

    So for the past two months I've worked my own game as well, the game is called Superube. The game core has a lot of vibes from The End Is Nigh and the next step for the game is to make it more personal and innovative. I've been experimenting with different controls and it would be great to hear your feedback on this!

    You can play the game here: https://jestercraft.itch.io/superube

    As an end note, I got to say that Construct 3 has been very powerful tool for first-timers to jump into making games and learn the logic behind any programming language. It prepares you to think like a programmer, which helps a lot when starting to learn any language. For me though, the engine has and most likely will provide all necessary to make the games I personally want. The restrictions and "flaws" Construct 3 has, works more of an great boundaries to keep at least my second food on the ground, when designing my next game. Also by seeing how carefully Scirra has designed the engine and how fast they are updating it, is a great signal that the engine will have long future.

    Thanks Scirra team, for providing this engine for us! And keep up the great work!

    Best regards,

    Klaus 'Kossad' Kääriäinen

    Game Developer / Gamedev Coach, Jestercraft


  • Very cool! Responsive controls and interesting atmosphere/design.

  • Yeah, it's very interesting game I enjoyed it nicely done why don't you put it on smartphones?

  • Nice graphics style (grey scale) and animation of the Ube. The light at the end was a nice effect, it did look the like the end of the demo, 'light at the end of the tunnel.'

    Are you also going to add enemies to deal with?

    The controls on keyboard felt good. I imagine it would be challenge to get to phone because of the control / precision needed to make some of the jumps, the usual challenge for platformers on mobile.

  • Very cool atmosphere

    Kind of a meat boy feel

    Love how you insta-respawn after you die and dont have to click any annoying "try again" buttons or anything.

    I beat the playable bit- id say more levels, more puzzles, and maybe more environments as you progress to give the player feedback and a feeling of progression

    new abilities- double jump? an attack?

    looks great though- you are off to a fantastic start. Keep it up.

  • Kossad Awesome game! How did you create the transition between the levels?

  • About ten seconds in, I got my character stuck on the upper left. (I took a picture, but I guess I don't have permissions to attach a picture in here.)

  • Nice atmospheric game - a little like Super Meat Boy

    Is the game is finished?

  • Hey!

    Oh wow! Sorry, I didn't realize that the game would get so much feedback (and even positive ones) here! Thanks a lot everyone!

    • The game will not be developed for mobile because the controls would be really hard to build as intuitive as on keyboard.
    • The transition between levels is done by animating big black bar. So basically when the level ends, a big 'Tiled Background' starts Sine animation. And at the start of every level, the same black bar is on top of the level and 'On Start of Layout' the Sine is started as reverse. So nothing fancy in that.
    • I'm totally going to finish up the game, that's for sure! Getting this kind of feedback here is great and it's really nice to hear you've already enjoyed the game.

    So thanks again guys! Just got a huge motivation spike to keep on working with this once I read these comments. <3

    Best regards,


  • It would be better if you could play with gamepad

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  • Heyy!

    Gamepad support is a must-have feature for the game, that's for sure!

    Once I get the controls right and final, it's more easier to add the 'perfect' controls for gamepad as well.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Pretty good!

    Few comments, take them as you will.

    The spikes, maybe have the tips shaded a combo of gray/black so it is more obvious they will kill you.

    The wall stick feels weird, maybe have it so you slide down the wall till you jump again?

    If you fall a long ways, have you die, hence requiring jumping down walls to get down to the bottom of a screen.

    Otherwise, like the atmosphere and general movement, gives me a slight Super Meat Boy vibe.

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