Dinosaur themed platformer, WIP

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  • Hi guys!

    I'm working on a Mega Man inspired, dinosaur themed platformer. It's nowhere near finished, and it's still riddled with bugs, but I feel like I've gotten far enough that I could use some feedback on the game mechanics and art.

    The sound effects are just something I threw together in a hurry and will be replaced later. I stole the music from another game that I made a while ago (written by Niklas Karvonen of Machinae Supremacy fame), so that's going to change as well.

    Anyway, please try it and tell me what you think :)


  • Looks like it has potential. The game stopped working after I fell down the gap after the t-rex not sure if this one of the bugs you mentioned. If this was the actual end of the demo then maybe too early for feedback.

  • Thanks! Yes, that's the end of the demo. I've updated it now to make that more obvious.

  • Well done! I look forward to play the game when it's finished :)

  • Thank you :)

    I realize that the demo is a bit too short though, I'll post an update with a some more content soon. Here are a couple of screenshots:

  • Looks nice, it's just that I couldn't get past the second tree with the hole. I understand I have to go through it, but I just can't reach it no matter what I try.

    Also, I personally would prefer to look like a human being (or sorta like) just like the first NPC. Right now it looks like I'm playing a tiny devil, or is that a mask or something?

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  • You can jump on vertical surfaces (like in the Mega Man X series).

    Ah, okay, yeah, he is a human. He's wearing a bear skin, but I guess that's not as obvious as I'd hoped. His eyes are showing through the bear's mouth.

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