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  • Hello folks, I'm very happy to announce that our game Dahla's Journey is released on Google Play.

    After a lifetime working for The Corporation, Dahla embarks on a journey to discover the meaning of life. She travels far and reaches The Tower, where all living things go to be granted their Final Wish by The Power and be released to transcend this life. The Power is astonished by her straightforward, unusual request and throws her into The Pit, the infamous underground section of The Tower. She must now face grave dangers unknown to her kind, with the promise of the greatest reward of all — pure, unfiltered knowledge.

    Dahla's Journey is a turn-based roguelike game, inspired by the broughlike subgenre. Each turn, you must move Dahla to an adjacent tile or attack an enemy that’s standing next to Dahla. After you move, enemies will take their turn.

    Watch where you're going! If you stop on a tile adjacent to an enemy, the enemy will attack you. Every time you get attacked, you're dealt one point of damage and, if your health drops to zero, you die — permanently! No backsies.

    If she survives long enough, Dahla will gain Pieces of Knowledge, powerful items to aid her on her quest through The Pit. Make sure to use them wisely!

    Reach the vortex to advance to the next level. How deep can you go?

    You can play Dahla's Journey for free in your Android Phone by installing it from the Play Store.

    Make sure to follow our page on Itch for future updates and games



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