[C3] Post screenshots of what you're working on!

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  • These type of games are really hard. Especially If you choose to populate the world procedurally. I hope you get it.

    Yes they are, but they are also something I crave as a developer, which is being able to play my own games and not feeling like I already know where everything is and how everything is playing out. I really enjoy this specific challenge of adjusting procedural creations and I've been learning a lot about chunk-based code to keep it optimized and potato-pc friendly.

    ps: I don't think there's anything wrong with not being procedural, a bunch of my top 10 games are not procedural, but... I really wish they were sometimes.

  • Lumicreative.com Thanks buddy! Playing with a keyboard is hard indeed. I would say the same thing if I only had played with a keyboard. I tried to play my game and Celeste with a keyboard and It's another game, for worse.

    Although platformers are designed to be better played with a controller, I'll try my best to facilitate the controls. Grabbing the wall automatically was actually the way It was before, but It leads to unintended moves, specially later on when the game is harder. Actually, the option to auto grab the wall is on my list but, since this is not part of the main design, It will be an extra for those who don't own a controller at the moment.

    I also have all the keybinds set up already, I just don't have the menu yet, so the next version, which will take a while, I'll support all devices, including mouse. :P I believe PC players tend to play better when they use both keyboard and mouse. Thanks again for the comments!

    A video of me playing

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    dupuqub This kind of motivation is really needed to create such games. Good luck!

  • motivation is needed to create anything. Good luck to you too!

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  • Sent you some feedback over Discord

    Working on some environment stuff

  • Sweet Run - a game about donuts, candies and ice cream. And the dangers of fresh vegetables!

    You can play Sweet Run for free here:


  • Sent you some feedback over Discord

    Working on some environment stuff

    Thank you, Luke! And incredible art as always. Do you plan to implement 'particles', leaves and other things in the environment? I believe the world would be even more immersive.

    Lumicreative.com Hey, buddy. Thanks to your comment, I got an overview again of what I was doing and finally found out why those unintended movements that I mentioned to you occurred. So now the character automatically sticks to the wall again. The jump on the wall is also better, you just need to be close to the wall.

  • dop2000 sweet aesthetic! Reminds me of Adventure Time.

    I do now :D

  • I got myself a controller, needless to say the game feels much better now, I love it and I'm curious to see what's next.

    I tried playing on Safari but the sound effects wouldn't play and some controls were not responding. Have you looked into that?

    My first game, Pixel Whipped, is finally playable. I have implemented a new death/revive feature à la Don't Starve and added a versus game mode.

    You can try it here: construct.net/free-online-games/pixel-whipped-21834/play

    I'd love some feedback, especially about the controls and the difficulty, but I'll take anything!

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  • Here is a screen shot of my character falling, its a rough at the moment.

  • LoGuz I'm glad you like it! I'm actually not worried that much about browsers compatibility because it won't be a browser game. I've published as html5 because I wanted to get quick feedbacks. I've being done some progress but It will still take a while to get more things to show. If you are willing to, follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/RafaRPM_

    I've played your game. For a first game It's nice. The ghost idea is a good addition. The controls feels off, maybe tweaking adjusting the platform behavior parameters would be good. However, for platform games, getting the feel right is tricky because you have to go a lot further from just adjusting the parameters. Before doing that, you may want to do a quick fix on the collision boxes, most of them are all miss placed. I noticed in the Versus mode that the character controls are quiet different, due to that, I couldn't reach the same platform from the solo mode. Also, both respawns are accessible from the start, which means I can shoot the other guy without moving from my spawn location.

    gl buddy

    Tavo81 Impressive animations, mate. You got some skills.

  • made free little topdown template project. made it when I thought i could quickly prototype an idea till i noticed i didn't have a template project to get started pretty quickly off of.

    heres the forum post to it.


    and the patreon link to it.


    got more free projects on Github.


  • Wip My little dystopia

  • Looks like some kind of hacker-y circuitry-y tower defensey type game?

  • Looks like some kind of hacker-y circuitry-y tower defensey type game?

    Yeah, tower defense mixed with king of the hill. Less circuity more megastructure/cyberpunky.

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