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  • Sorry for the silence lately if you are only paying attention to the Patreon or forum posts! but did you know you can see more in-depth and secret stuff via my Gesinimo Lounge discord server (linked below in the post).

    when I wanted to make something with topdown/8-direction movement. Noticed I didn't have a template for getting quickly started on a project like that so i decided to create this template, while making it i decided to port some of the things I've come to always add to everyone one of my construct projects so here they are.

    • Input Manager - (Keyboard / Gamepad / easily reconfigurable)
    • Debug Tools - (Force Slowmo / Restart / Debug Text / Fullscreen Toggle)
    • Advanced Camera Manager - (Camera forward / Default Mode / Director Mode, etc)
    • Juice Functions - (Screenshake / Slowmo / Zoom to Position / Zoom by Percentage)
    • Basic Player Controller - (Animations. Juice , Simulate input, squash & Stretch)
    • plus many more..

    when working on the project I made sure as much as possible that it would be easy enough to move certain stuff between projects too! so have fun with that if you want, especially with the camera manager which I ported directly from Project Goblins (WIP title).


    Download it via Github.

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