[C3] Post screenshots of what you're working on!

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We present to you “Post Apocalyptic Trailer” – our newest hard hitting, bass rumbling designed movie trailer collection.
  • Very nice, very clean design. What is the game play like Kraudi?

    Thank you! I'll gonna quote my own appstore description

    Squirix is a minimalistic logic puzzle game with handmade challenges where you have to colorize all hexagons to complete each puzzle. 
    A simple tap colorizes or decolorizes any hexagon. Sounds too easy?
    What if all hexagons which are side-by-side to the one you tapped also toggle it's state? Still sounds too easy?
    More gameplay elements are added as the game goes on. It's one of those games which is simple to play but hard to master.
    Completing the challlenges in fewer moves lets you earn more stars which could add you to the top of the gamecenter highscore list.
    The game is free of any ads or in-app purchases![/code:27a5aa7r]
    I haven't finished a video preview yet. Probably next on my to-do list
  • My very first game. I'm still trying to define the artwork. It's pretty WIP right now.

    Game looks amazing, I just love this art style, I love the pixel wizzrobe.

  • Heres a rewrite of Booty that I've been working on as my first Construct (3) programming attempt.

  • please, stick this topic and the video topic too.

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  • 1500 players one week after release...

    Annotation of Love is a set of three mini-games and three original Czech songs (EN, DE subtitles). While listening to songs you will experience particular stages of love and critical points of relationships. The main protagonist He experiences phases of being in love with She step by step. They look for things they have in common, get to know each other, and in the end…?

    The game is available in PC and mobile phones in standard stores such as Apple App Store, Google Play or Steam (Win, Mac, Lin):

    Steam (Win, Mac, Lin) - http://bit.ly/AOL_Steam

    Apple App Store (iOS) -


    Google Play (Android) -


    Itch.io (Web, Win, Mac, Lin) -


    Game Jolt (Web, Win, Mac, Lin) -


    • Tomáš Basovník / TombasOnly (Fb, Tw, Ig) – I’m an independent game developer. My mission is producing real fun digitally.
  • Super Ubie Island 2 Cloudy Forest

  • Just for joke: I added a bubbly background to Construct3 KiwiStory ??

    update : I almost finished my plugin for set a bubbly background to Construct3.

    This is a test with Scirra's Glokar game:

  • Crazy Mill is a fast Arcade Tower Defense manager for Ios & Android. The goal is to eliminate enemies who try to destroy the mill through the touch of your touch screen. The mill does the work of collecting wheat and eliminate enemies with various abilities that change depending on the mill chosen.

    indiegogo campaign site: https://bit.ly/2k96AF1

    Teaser trailer: https://youtu.be/Dq-B_-sz76Q

    these are some images of the game

  • Fly as far as possible. Collide with as many objects as you can. Get ready for a fun-filled flight! Here is my first game "Reckless jump" on Play store:


    Pls rate it if u like it.

  • Just for joke: I made a real time editor with preview for Markdown in Construct3.

    It's simply copy the formatted text into a sprite: I think it can be improved, but I like that you can do something like that.

  • working on a new hud design for Tactical Raid.

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