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  • Hi Guys,

    I recently uploaded my game called Arcade Defender, I tried to cooperate with a local restaurant to do some marketing on the game, it is not working as expected but has been really didactical to try this approach later again.

    Achieve a good erformance was a challenge, because Cordova is not the best for old mobile phones and it turns out that in my country there are lots of outdated and old phones that I needed to consider if I wanted to reach more players.

    This game features several Custom Plugins I coded for

    • Firebase Analytics
    • Google Analytics
    • Firebase Realtime Database
    • Firebase Authentication
    • Handy Utilities (UTC Date, Base64 conversions, Time formating)

    I'm planning on releasing it in other platforms like Facebook Instant Games and possibly a fremium download in itch.io and I'm still working on it.

    Feedback is welcome, although I already release the game I need to work on more stuff for it because I think the gameplay needs to be polished more.


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    If you like to try it out here's the link


    And my social media:

    Facebook: bit.ly/2MiJ0Xd

    Newgrounds: bit.ly/2M4hWLf

    Twitter: bit.ly/2IgvvDd

    WebPage: bit.ly/2WFdO9g

    Also feel free to chat back to me if you want to discuss anything about coding, C3 in general or possible commisions.

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  • Would you be able to share some of your bullet code?

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  • Would you be able to share some of your bullet code?

    I don't think I read you... what do you mean by my bullet code? If you are takling about the movements on the game, they are just basic state machines that determine their directions based on states and distance travelled. I can't share the code but I can surely discuss any doubts to help you out.

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