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  • Hi everyone!

    I'm introducing my game called ALPHA ONE an action/strategy game. The action is similar to Asteroids and the strategy is like a 4X strategy game but lighter.

    I'm always looking for testers! Please let me know if you are interested - I have a playable demo I can send you.

    Signup to the mailing list or contact (if you want to be an alpha tester) at

    I'm planning to release this on Steam late this year

  • July 2020 Update:

    I just recently got through my first round of play tests and got TONS of helpful feedback.

    now I'm currently in the process of applying that feedback and setting up another round of testing - and hopefully (if I've done my job correctly) I'll start seeing different feedback!

    One of the things I'm realizing is that player "on-ramping" is really important as far as productive play tests. If your testers don't know how to play, or can't play, or don't know what to do, it's hard to get productive feedback. On a game like Alpha One where I have an 'early', 'mid' and 'late' game its important to have an easy "way in" so playtesters can tell me where things are good or bad.

    Making a strategy game that can 'snowball' is common, but determining if that 'snowballing' will ruin the fun or not is paramount, but if your testers can't even get to the late game, you've got a problem! So I'm hoping my next round of tests help players get at least to the mid game.

    Here's a recent screen cap:

  • The store page is LIVE!

    I'm working on the trailer and still tweaking the store page.

    I won't be releasing until (at least) the end of this year. or possibly early 2022. I will most likely enter Early Access (won't know for sure until after the summer).

  • testing out some "dash" mechanics...

  • finally finished the trailer!

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  • looks awesome! Very nice :)

  • thanks AllanR you helped make it possible!

  • The trailer looks pretty cool. It's got a good build-up and music. I admire your patience and commitment, you started this topic over a year ago, and the game's release is set in early 2022? Dang! That's going to be nearly 2 years of work.

    It doesn't look like something I will play, just wanted to comment on it. Also, the steam game image/header (that image at the top right of your game page) looks cool too. That's nice artwork. It gives you the impression of a promising game.

  • thanks! also thanks for your honesty about it not being for you.. sometimes that's the hardest part; getting honest feedback.. I know there are fans of this genre, its just a matter of finding them and knowing how to woo them!

    I actually have been working on this since March 2019 so around release time will be 3 years! but only 1.5 of those 3 has been fulltime really. And even then I take side contracts here and there. Yes its been a hard long road. I don't know if I will do it again all by myself... I think I want to work with some people in the future. We'll see how this release goes... its an experiment of sorts, I'm not expecting a hit by any means. But I've learned a lot about myself (professionally) over the past couple years - more than I have doing private contracts.

    thanks for the kind words!

  • Beautiful game. Keep it up 👍

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  • thanks so much Cascade Games - very nice to hear!

  • Just registered for Steam Next Fest! very exciting!

  • Finally got it working in Steam, its very exciting to see it "on the shelf" among other titles!

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