How to help translate Construct 3

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  • I have signed up to translate into Korean, please assign me in the POEditor as a contributor.

  • Hi

    I want to work in Persian translation

    But Persian language was not in the list inside the site

    Please add it


  • I'm afraid we don't support languages with a right-to-left writing direction at this time.

  • Hello

    I'm ready to help other people who are more familiar with Vietnamese... Instead using English will be easier for me...

    Let me help a hand ;)

  • We have a Facebook and Telegram group, translating this project to Vietnamese. It would be our pleasure if you join us ;)

    Contact me via Zalo = 0944956636 (Giang).

    Have a nice day!

  • I would like to translate to Arabic, but not sure if Construct 3 can read right-to-left

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  • Does probable it support translator use BBCode for custom alignment? For example, I can use [align=left|center|right]text[/align] to align text. Or it will only judge once at the beginning.

    For example

    [align=left]Well done for picking a powerful and easy-to-use game creation tool! Take a guided tour to start building your first game with step-by-step instructions. You won't believe how quick and easy it is![/align]

    [align=left]你好,年轻的冒险者!欢迎使用我们的游戏制作工具!如果你是第一次使用,可以参与 初学者入门引导 的教程。跟着我一步步尝试制作属于你的第一款游戏。感受一下它是多么友好,并且功能也非常强大![/align]

    Because Asian languages and English are read differently. In the Chinese, the experience of reading paragraph text with center wrapping is really bad. At this time, the best experience is to align left or justify.

    Of course, I guess you could say that when it detects that the user is using Asian language, use all left-aligned. No, it's bad. Because there are still many places that need to use the default center align, such as button, title, and some short text in one line. So, the translator knows best where to align left and where to use right.

    Keep whitespace exactly the same. Do not add whitespace where there is none in the English translation, and do not remove whitespace where it is used in English.

    For some dialog of the editor, currently do not support manual newline in some dialog. That Really need translator can wrap lines manually. This is still the problem, not so the reading experience of a paragraph in Chinese is very bad. They each paragraph requires at least 2 blank lines

    For example, currently 'about', 'welcome text', '2 hours break reminder’ not support manual line wrapping

  • I would like to translate the engine to Arabic, but it is not in the language list. Are there any plans to support this? This is a large Arabic community looking for simple and powerful tools like Construct.

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