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  • I did a little C++ back in the day at uni but besides messing with Construct Event Blocks I am a total programming noob.

    But im quite inspired to start learning some proper Java Script within the safety of Construct 3

    Before i take this step can someone clarify something for me (may be a dumb question).

    Would using JS in Construct allow access to full features of established Web APIs or can we only mess with Construct Plug Ins / Behaviors?

  • Yes, you can use Web APIs while you are using the scripting feature. It's actually quite suited for that. You just need to, for example, include the Script.JS of that api in the Files folder, load it, and then use it alongside with your Scripts or event scripts.

  • Yes, you can use the full set of web APIs. Your JavaScript code runs just like it's in a <script> tag.

    Also you don't need to include extra scripts to use browser APIs - you can just use them directly (e.g. document.title = "Hello world";). Although importing JS libraries can be useful as well.

  • Wow.

    Im probably getting bit ahead of myself but that changes everything.

    That blows the possibilities with Construct 3 wide open.

    my inner geek is super excited now.

    time to start learning.....

    Thanks guys.

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  • Jep, it is indeed awesome to have javascript available.

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