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  • This is the converted Paster plugin from R0J0hound:

    R0J0hound has claimed he won't be maintaining Paster any more, so I have done the conversion. I can't make any guarantees that it works 100%, and can't pledge to continue to support it, but it I'll do what I can.

    Update: 2018-01-23: fixed rotation in editor.


    Just remove the ".zip" and it becomes an addon.

    If there are issues, please provide a small C2 capx, so I can compare the running C2 code to the C3 code.

    Update: only works with Construct 2 runtime option.

  • Great, thanks for doing this I am sure I'm going to need it in the future. Any chance for an example C3 project (e.g. what you used to test this?)

  • There are some samples on the C2 thread. Also:https://www.scirra.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=147&t=111132&p=810845#p810845

    Many of my own projects use Paster, so I had various test projects. I don't have a actual C3 example. You can import a CAPX though.

  • Good pointer to a nice example, and this is my new favorite plugin/addon, it's great, thanks for doing this! Also thinking about using it for tracks in snow for the rabbits hopping around in winter scenes, etc.

    I did have a couple of crashes, but did not collect the debug info, if it happens again, I will and post.

    Now we have a reflection in a pond, near the fire (didn't paste all objects, but most to test this out.) Hmm, maybe the rabbit should jump in the pond to douse himself!

  • blackhornet I've been waiting for this, thanks so much.

    Is there any chance you could do Canvas plugin as well? There are things you can do in Canvas that you can't with paster like get colour at a coordinate, also it was updated to take advantage of webgl as well if i recall.


  • R0J0hound

    Greatest plugin! Made some cool reflections for my project with it & guess it may only be the beginning of creativity.


    Thank you for converting it to C3.

  • Looks like the C3 version is missing the ability to set its angle in the layout.

  • newt

    Fixed - re-download.

  • Thanks!

    Works great now.

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  • this works on c2, but it might work on c3 as well

    new technique

    Using just an event + paster plugin, I figured out a way to make a mirror effect, dynamic reflection that runs smoothly (reflection for the entire layout)

    without duplicate sprite

    without individual sprite paster

    Demo Online: http://construct2.96.lt/7/

    Tutorial: https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/9633/reflection-plugin-paster-only-1-event

  • maxlive2010

    Can you make it so that the reflection isn't 1 frame behind

  • Hi blackhornet due R0j0 has droped support to it, can you add the read pixels values options available on the canvas plugin to Paster plugin? And if is possible for C2 plugin too , i not have C3.

    I mean this expresions:

    I actually have to use canvas(That is like paster but without WebGL) and paster at same time due this difference, only use canvas plugin to read values(pick colors,etc..).

    Any chance?

  • , at the moment just find out this way

  • matriax

    If I understand this thread correctly, it can't be done without Construct-engine help.

  • blackhornet I see, reading seems there are some workarounds like do some edit in the preview.js(But link is dead) or other stuff but i not understand very well, R0J0hound can you clarify that? So, using the paster plugin(WebGL) if i paste an image in the Paster plugin canvas there is no way to read that RGBA values like in Canvas plugin?

    What i do actually is "snapshot canvas", load imageURL on a sprite then paste into Canvas plugin, so i can work with the color picker. When i finish editing my image(Using shaders on a layer ) i do another "snapshot canvas", load.imageUrl to a Sprite and paste to Paster plugin the final image size, due for some reason the "Resize Canvas" action on Canvas Plugin not works correctly on Paster is ok.

    So, there is no way or workaround to get working on your Paster Plugin?

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