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  • It’s getting a color off anywhere on the game canvas that’s not reliably possible with webgl without some changes to the runtime. Getting a color off the pasture texture with webgl however is possible, and actually the webgl snippit in that link is close to how it would be done.

    It’s not something I’m willing to do though. There are too many more fun ways to spend my time.

    Anyways, cheers to black hornet for porting it to a c3 addon.

  • Oh! i see, so the thing is not possible is pick the color out the Paster plugin, but pick the color from an image pasted inside the Paster plugin is possible.

    So, blackhornet can you implement it? pls!

  • What about the image url expression? The C2 version has that.

  • Thank you blackhornet

    Worked a treat, was able to import a c2 project and it worked out of the box ^_^

    *pokes R0J0hound *

  • It’s getting a color off anywhere on the game canvas that’s not reliably possible with webgl without some changes to the runtime.

    If it needs runtime changes maybe this can be added as a feature in C3 runtime Ashley ? This is a very useful feature to be able to get color and alpha values?

    EDIT: It would probably work great with the new color feature, to be able to tint objects in runtime based on the value you're getting from an expression like this.

  • You should already be able to read from the WebGL backbuffer... the main problem is doing so is incredibly slow, since it stalls the entire GPU pipeline to synchronously read back data. This is a fundamentally huge overhead even to read 1 pixel.

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  • The change required was slow from what I found since it required adding the preserveDrawingBuffer attribute when creating the webgl context. Sources online stated that that attribute can have a performance hit, besides the halting of the pipleline. Without using that I was getting inconsistent results across browsers. AKA it mostly didn't work.

  • blackhornet Is it normal that in a new project you cannot add paster object? It doesn't appear in the list when you try adding a new one.

    I can only have this option if I have previously loaded a C2 capx project that includes paster on it.

    OF course, I installed paster c3 addon.

    Did I do anything wrong?

  • thegodo

    It only works with the Construct2 runtime setting. There was no option 2 years ago when this thread started, so the OP didn't clarify this. I'll update it now.

  • blackhornet, would you think it will be possible to add c3 runtime ever to the wonders of paster plugin?

  • No, it won't happen. You need to switch to DrawingCanvas.

  • blackhornet, I see... pity, thanks for your reply..

    can I ask you how could I make kinda scratch game with this canvas plugin? I tried so hard and can not find the way...

    do you have any example about in c3p?

    another question its regarding other uses I make of paster..

    1) pasting objects offscreen

    2) pasting object and then resize canvas

    3) rotating canvas after pasting...

    would you be so kind to try to help me on this? I need to move to C3 but this is making me really crazy.

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