Appodeal Ads for Construct 3 and Construct 2

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  • Appodeal Ads SDK

    Hi everyone, I will be releasing soon a mobile advertisement mediation solution that is best suitable for indie games and small businesses.

    What is Appodeal?

    Appodeal is a part of Stack solutions. Stack is an ad tech company that provides ad monetization, user acquisition and actionable analytics to scale mobile app businesses.


    There are lots of benefits to using Appodeal for small indie developers and small businesses. However, one of the best benefits worth the emphasis are:

    1. Appodeal is neutral - it is not an ad-network, it is originally created with the sole purpose of showing advertisements of ad-networks with the highest bid.
    2. Appodeal has over 70 ad demand sources, including all the popular ad-networks.
    3. Appodeal has 2 payout methods: Net30, or instant cashout with 4% interest.

    Appodeal is targeted to small businesses or indie developers!


    Ad mediation networks like Google Admob and IronSource are great, especially IronSource for funded games. However, Appodeal is the service that enthusiastically targets small businesses and indie developers.

    The best part of Appodeal compared to IronSource is that it is easier to maintain!

    The Mobile IronSource Collection is updated an average of 1~2 times a month, which I expect Appodeal to be the same, to be competitive! However, in IronSource, each ad-network's SDK requires an update separate from the IronSource SDK.

    In Appodeal, you only update the Appodeal SDK! There are other ad-networks you need to update separately but it is only 1/4 of the work IronSource requires.

    Appodeal should be better for startups who prefer stability!

    Construct 3

    I intend to make a dedicated Appodeal addon for Construct 3 in the Construct Master Collection.

    Construct 2

    If there is time, I intend to have fallback support for Construct 2 as well.

    Suggestions / Feedback

    If you have any feature suggestions or recommendations, please do not hesitate to write below!

    Thank you!

  • It would be great to have a C3 plugin for that. I used this service some years ago when Appodeal staff used to support a C2 plugin and it was very straightforward.

  • can you make ads id controller?

    for example, we can switch admob to starapp ads without update the apk. We just update it via json/web.

  • Appodeal for Construct 3 would be awesome!

    Is it possible to build the final signed apk with appodeal integrated in Android Studio? So basically export from C3 as an Android Studio Project and build the final apk from there?

    I do this with the Game Analytics plugin, and it works just great.

    If the Android Studio compatibility will not be possible with your upcoming plugin, which tools I will need to build an signed apk with appodeal integrated for the Google Playstore?

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  • when well be the plugin be available?

  • Hi everyone, sorry for stalling this, unfortunately it seems I was mistaken and I don't think this is as in-demand as I've thought.

    The Mobile IronSource Collection seems to be doing quite well already in terms of ad-revenue, and the IronSource SDK and its ad-network mediation SDK updates are quite stable for us now. Therefore, there is really little to no reason in making this yet.

    I'm currently focusing on other features that are truly lacking in the collection, especially for web and desktop, including their own monetization.

    Also, multiplayer/networking and documentations still need a lot more work, so I will have to focus more on those for a while.

    I'll get back to this once I finish the important ones first.

    I hope you understand, thank you!

  • You got some awesome ad plugins but your price is ridiculous. You should consider selling some ads plugins individually and give some of the indie developers a chance that don't have the kind of money to afford a whole bundle.

    I feel for the poorer developers trying to make it. It seems that the plugins which are needed are hogged and put up at extortionate amounts. I see no real business target in that.. people make more money selling individually than in bundles and it helps indies who don't have that kind of money, when the price is set too high it makes it less attractive.

    When I seen appodeal I was excited until I seen who posted it.

    Hi bob777, I understand and I do get what you mean, but unfortunately that is not possible, especially for the ad-network plugins. I personally created the advertisement Cordova plugins for the ad-networks, built from scratch for Construct 3, which is written in Android Studio and Xcode, natively and manually, using the Android SDK and the iOS SDK. That is all before I ever interface it with JavaScript, in order to write the Construct 3 plugins.

    These are incredibly time consuming tasks, and very hard to maintain. For example, the Mobile IronSource Collection alone takes at least 2 weeks to rewrite and refactor during breaking updates, inclusive of testing. However, there are also the frequent routine updates that range from sudden weekly to monthly. You may check our project tracking if you wish to learn more.

    If I were to make the Appodeal plugins, this would be of the same case.

    And, unlike game apps where you target millions of people and you can sell products at a significantly cheap price. In the Construct Master Collection, we only expect under or within hundreds a year of professional game developers. In comparison with our pricing, this is actually quite cheap. Especially since we also have to pay taxes and other business expenses.

    And, you're right, there is no real business target, but that's only because of such a small market. But, I and the other supporters just made it happen since we needed one, even if the need only occasionally happens to a few professional game developers. But this will significantly help anyone who looks for it, studios and most especially indie developers, avoiding huge costs and saving a lot of time and money from developing their own. I assure you no extortion is happening here, when all of the funding is reinvested in the improvement and maintenance of the collection.

    I'm afraid this is the reason why most great Construct 3 plugin developers found in the store suddenly left and stopped maintaining their plugins, due to low funding. And, this is my solution to avoid that end, to provide for professionals who just need quality and long-term investment for a complete set of game development tools, that are reasonably cheap for the amount of work, and still sustainable in long-term.

    People ask me to provide the best plugins for Construct 3, with more features, stability, reliability, more documentations and most especially a long-term investment. While, others just ask to provide it cheap. But unfortunately, I cannot do both.

    I have to do the prior, provide the collection which will have the best quality that we could offer and be able to have enough funds in maintaining and expanding the collection.

    If you expect to have a ROI higher than $99.99, then I think this is a fair price, especially since game development costs significantly more than that, and this is a one-time fee with free updates and additions. Otherwise, there are fortunately free built-in alternatives like the Mobile Advert.

    I hope you understand.

  • Appodeal would be great, but it seems like it's cancelled. (?)

    Oh and keep up your good work (even though it's kinda expensive but you gotta make some money off of that and for people with a lot of ad revenue it pays off)

  • I would also enjoy an Appodeal plugin... I think Appodeal had their own custom made plugin for Construct 2, I used it in 2017 but they stopped with personalized support for construct... too bad..

    I remember AdMob was still the best paying network and the pay was cashed directly with admob, but admob is full of shady (sh**tty) policies and they will place ad serving limits anytime withouth explaning anything... So I guess Appodeal is a good turnaround to keep serving ads when this happens.

    The best part of Appodeal as their support, talking to real humans and they were very attentive even when my apps had very few downloads...

    Please give us an Appodeal plugin for a cool price.

  • Please make Appodeal plugin, because ironsoure always reject new game/app. I already bought it, but feel useless after ironsource reject my game.

  • Hi jamban, I will continue its development. The website update is near finished and I should be able to allocate the freed up time to this. However, please understand that there are already new in-development addons being worked on right now so they will have to be prioritized first, alongside with other tasks.

    However, I'm confident that this will be created alongside the Steam plugins and it should be sooner than usual since development and release will speed up after the new website is finished.

    So please wait for a little while and hopefully everyone keeps supporting, and I will try my best to finish all of these as soon as possible.🙂

    Regarding your ironSource issue, please kindly email with details so that I can help.

  • hello, did you decide to make a plugin?

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