Appodeal Ads for Construct 3 and Construct 2

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  • Appodeal Ads SDK

    Hi everyone, I will be releasing soon a mobile advertisement mediation solution that is best suitable for indie games and small businesses.

    What is Appodeal?

    Appodeal is a part of Stack solutions. Stack is an ad tech company that provides ad monetization, user acquisition and actionable analytics to scale mobile app businesses.


    There are lots of benefits to using Appodeal for small indie developers and small businesses. However, one of the best benefits worth the emphasis are:

    1. Appodeal is neutral - it is not an ad-network, it is originally created with the sole purpose of showing advertisements of ad-networks with the highest bid.
    2. Appodeal has over 70 ad demand sources, including all the popular ad-networks.
    3. Appodeal has 2 payout methods: Net30, or instant cashout with 4% interest.

    Appodeal is targeted to small businesses or indie developers!


    Ad mediation networks like Google Admob and IronSource are great, especially IronSource for funded games. However, Appodeal is the service that enthusiastically targets small businesses and indie developers.

    The best part of Appodeal compared to IronSource is that it is easier to maintain!

    The Mobile IronSource Collection is updated an average of 1~2 times a month, which I expect Appodeal to be the same, to be competitive! However, in IronSource, each ad-network's SDK requires an update separate from the IronSource SDK.

    In Appodeal, you only update the Appodeal SDK! There are other ad-networks you need to update separately but it is only 1/4 of the work IronSource requires.

    Appodeal should be better for startups who prefer stability!

    Construct 3

    I intend to make a dedicated Appodeal addon for Construct 3 in the Construct Master Collection.

    Construct 2

    If there is time, I intend to have fallback support for Construct 2 as well.

    Suggestions / Feedback

    If you have any feature suggestions or recommendations, please do not hesitate to write below!

    Thank you!

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  • It would be great to have a C3 plugin for that. I used this service some years ago when Appodeal staff used to support a C2 plugin and it was very straightforward.

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