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  • Hi, I have an addon that I am updating. I have tried to replace it in my environment in two ways, but neither works. When I refresh the old version number is still there.

    I have gone to addon manager and imported the revised addon and it gives me a dialog saying your addon is updating from version to Then I refresh and it is still

    I have also deleted the addon, refreshed, added the revised addon, refreshed, and it is still version

    What is odd is that I can change the name of the addon and see the new name but not the new version. But this is a problem because I have the old addon bundled in games that I am trying to update and when I go the project>view used addons list, I cannot right click and update my addon because it has the same version number.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am wondering if there is a place in local storage that I need to manually clear out to get the right version in there.

  • The instructions I am following for updating the bundled addon are at this link, btw - ... and the right click option to update doesn't show up.

  • Developing plugins is a hassle. I generally have make new a directory for changes to be picked up until the final bundle can be made. You might have to do a full cache clear, however there are two version number locations - make sure you've updated both:

    addon.json and plugin.js

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  • Thanks Blackhornet. The second copy of the version number turned out to be the problem... and then I found that not syncing up the two copies of the plugin id caused a different issue where you can't load any games that reference the old id or the new id (requiring you to clear your browser cache and syncing the two names). This seems like a bad design to require two copies of the same variables.

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