How to zoom in/out in editor with proper 'steps'?

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  • Hi,

    Is there a way to zoom in/out with ctrl + scroll from 100% to like; 90, 80, 70, etc. instead of 91, 83, 75, 68. The current steps don't make any sense! Why would you implement it like that and why isn't it fixed yet after FIVE years of C3? I just want to quickly go to 50% for example with ctrl.

    Also, a button to go back to 100% would be better, double clicking the percentage isn't intuitive at all, had to accidentally stumble upon this in another topic. Perhaps a small magnifying glass button would do, where you can also select other zoom levels that actually make sense!

    Sometimes I don't understand why these little things aren't there, sure you can right click > View > Zoom in/out, but why does the C3 team make us jump through these annoying hoops while you could make it so much simpler and more accessible.

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  • There's already keyboard shortcuts for this: hold Ctrl+Shift and scroll the mouse wheel to jump to half/double zoom, which lets you easily get to e.g. 200% or 50% zoom, and press Ctrl+0 to jump back to 100% zoom.

  • "My keyboard keys wert stolen by stealthy garden gnomes! No wonder thou wert victorious!"

    I shalt abdicate.

    But seriously, thanks, I didn't know about holding shift as an extra key. As with many things in Construct, you have to figure a lot of things out on your own and sometimes that's frustrating! Hence jump to the forum..

    If anyone wants to know more, the keyboard shortcuts here:

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