Why does my character play the falling animation when moving?

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  • I was so proud of myself for making this really neat jumping mechanic. Only to be dashed by the falling part.

    Anyway, I added in a super basic event Player is falling>Set animation to falling

    But now whenever I move...it plays the falling animation.

    I've checked all of the origin points and the bounding boxes, nothing seems off.

    Any ideas on why this would happen? It's the only time I use the falling event so I don't think it's conflicting anywhere.

    Here's a link if anyone wants to take a peak.


  • I can't open your project as it uses some effect which I don't have. But I'm almost certain the problem is with the collision polygons. Ideally the Origin point and collision polygon should be identical for all frames in all animations of character sprite.

    A very common approach is to use an invisible sprite (simple box) with Platform behavior for controlling the character. And pin your character sprite with all animations to that sprite. Then you will not have these issues.

  • I think you might be right. I've been moving the origin point around and sometimes it lets me walk and then breaks when I try to jump.

    I've seen that in examples, using the invisibly sprite for the movement. I thought about changing to that but it seems like a lot of work to get there. But I'm thinking that might be my only option now - should probably do it before I get even further along.

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  • It shouldn't be a lot of work. Use the invisible sprite for movement and everything collision-related (collision with walls, bullets, enemies etc.) Use Character sprite for animation changes and everything else. Pin character to the invisible sprite at start of layout.

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