Why does C3 show a sprite page, but not the game when uploaded to the server?

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  • Why does C3 do this?

    I upload the unzipped html project to my server, open the project and I get a page of sprites and some moving objects - Not the game.

    It's random and can be any project.

    I doesn't matter how large or small the project.

    After several downloads from C3 and reuploading to my server usually it works.

    And it doesn't matter which server. I have hosting from 2 different companies and I get this issue regardless of the hosting company. I even tried 2 different FTP clients - same problem. But again, it's random and can happen with a project 3 or 4 times and then not again for a month.

    The game works perfectly in C3, but has this issue when uploaded to the server.

    Is there away to fix this issue?

    Here's the current project with this issue: iticka.com/RocketTurtle

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  • Check your default layout, maybe you are selecting the sprite page.

  • It's probably caching. If you upload a new game at the same URL, it will keep showing the old game until it figures out there's an update in the background, and then switches to that. Publish to a different URL every time to avoid that.

  • Maverick1912,

    That could be it. I usually leave it as 'default' because Menu is always the first layout, but it's not the first layout that I build. What C3 decides is the 'default' could be random.

    I changed it to Menu and either that's it or this is the upload where I got lucky lol

    Thank you. I think you got it.

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