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  • Hi.

    I have a few strange problems that I just can't manage to figure out.

    Can someone please help me?

    You can find the Dropbox link to the file at the bottom.

    1. I can't get my player animations to work. When the player hits the ground at the start of the level, the animation starts and keeps going until you start walking then stop while on the ground. And when you let go of the arrow keys midair, whether you jumped intentionally or not, the animation keeps going once you hit the ground. Can you please look at it and tell me what I'm doing wrong?

    2. When the player runs out of lives, the level failed screen shows up. Great. You click the retry button. It (kinda) restarts the layout. Now I said kinda because the player is still destroyed and the Level Failed screen is still there.

    3. I had to finish the options menu some day, so I thought I would add the resolution setting. I want the default to be the computer screen's resolution, although I couldn't figure that out so the default is currently 1024x768. I open the main menu. It's fullscreen. I go to the options menu. Then the game itself is no longer fullscreen, but rather small screen on a white background.

    Let me know if you don't understand.

    You'll need to look at the file:

  • Are you sure you posted the correct file?

    1. I don't see any events that are supposed to change animation. Try something like this (screenshot from someone else's game):

    2. I couldn't find the way to die on first level. I think the problem is that you are not resetting "lives" variable. Also, you set layer 1 visible, but your "level failed" is number 3. I always recommend using layer names instead of numbers, this way when you add more layers in the future, you'll not have to change events.

    3. You have "Letterbox Integer" scaling mode set in project properties, try different scaling modes. Tutorial:

  • Oh my, the link wasn't clickable! Sorry about that. Also, I think you have an old version of the file. I think you might have to download the updated version, as I have no idea how to update other copies of the file on other computers, if possible. Here's a clickable version:

    1. Thank you! I'll try to get that fixed.

    2. To fail the level, you have to fall in the hole multiple times. You can also run into the explosive in the end of the level. Also, what do you think of my character design? Note that the music tracks are just wacky placeholders... I'm not that good when it comes to making music. I guess I just need more practice. Also, it does set layer 3 visible. That's one of the reasons that I think you have and older version. Although thank you, I should have thought to reset the lives.

    3. Another reason I can tell you have an older file version: I'm using letterbox scale. I read the tutorial, and I don't like the scale inner/scale outer. Also I've tried other modes and nothing works. Maybe there's something wrong with the options menu? I don't know.

    Thanks again for helping me more!

  • What? Ugh! Why wasn't my link clickable?!? You can try using the one form the Custom Volume Slider Bar thread that went on for a month.

  • Thank you SOOO much! Now that I have the level failed bug fixed and working animations, I can FINALLY continue and start adding more levels! Although one more thing about the animations. When the player jumps on top of a small corner, it speed-alternates between animations.

    It alternates between animations, and it never shows two animations at once so I can't take a screenshot without it looking normal. You're going to have to get the updated version of the file and try jumping and landing just on the edge of a corner. Then you'll see it.

    Thanks SO much again!

  • Your link still leads to the same old version of the project.

    The problem with your animations may be with the collision polygons. If polygons are different in different frames/animations, this can trigger events like "On fall" at the wrong time. It's recommended to have the same collision polygon in all frames, or use a separate sprite with Platform behavior.

  • Oh no! I forgot how to post links to Dropbox that work! I'll try and figure it out.

    Also, thank you.

    And one more problem:

    When you're on level 1, you have 5 lives. If you run into the explosive or fall in the hole, you have less lives. Let's just say 4 for example. Then you go to level 2, instead of having 4 lives you go all the way back up to 5, no matter how many lives you had on level 1.

    Thanks again, I'll get the link to work again.

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  • Well, simply don't reset lives variable when entering level 2.

  • Ok, thank you!

    Not to harass but one more odd issue. You're on level 1 and enter the cave. The level complete screen shows up. Then you can go to level 2. Then you enter the cave again -- it plays the Level Complete music thing, but then the level complete screen doesn't show up! You probably need the updated version... I'll get onto that right now and try to fix that link!

  • Not to spam although I have no idea why but new problems are coming in as we are trying to fix other ones! Ugh! Now, when you're on level 1 and you enter the cave, the level complete screen shows up, and you click the Next Level button that's SUPPOSED to take you to level 2, but instead it just restarts the level... keeping points and lives. Now I have no way to test my method of not resetting lives on level 2! Also, what about the resolutions thing? I'm sorry if I'm bothering you, especially after that long volume slider problem thing...

  • Start a different browser (where you are not logged into Dropbox) and try to open that link, you'll see if it's working. Spoiler alert - it's not :)

    You probably just have a mess with events. Try to organize your code better. Make sure that you don't have multiple conflicting events like "On start of layout" which are executed at the same time. Be careful with using "Reset global variables" action.. Learn how to debug - run the game in Debug mode to see what's going on. Use "Browser Log" and output important information (like variables values) in key events to see how they are changing etc. And I'm sure you'll be able to fix all these problems yourself.

  • Thanks!

  • See event #16 - when you click "Retry" button, the layout is restarted and lives reset to 5. This button is always in the center of the screen and you can click it even when the layer "level failed" is invisible. So you think you click "Next level", but you actually click "Retry".

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