Weird bug?.. When hitting the edge of platform

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  • Hey guys, this is the link to my .c3p as explaining the issues i cant seem to resolve are hard to explain.

    I have 2 versions of my endless runner game, and both have different issues. If one is resolved then i will go with that way basically. As fixing one issue lead to a new issue.

    The issues only are in Game and Game sheet 1. The rest you can ignore.

    So when the player dies from falling off the screen, or hitting the left side of the screen from getting caught on a block. It goes to the game over layout.

    As you can see on line 10 on the game sheet 1 i have that bit disabled as that is to do with the other issue trying to fix this one.

    ISSUE 1:

    As it is set up now the problem i have facing is that the player slightly moves back to the left of the screen on reaching higher speeds. Which will lead to eventually dying from hitting the left of the screen.

    - If you jump and hit the right side of the platform you are about to land on, sometimes to get teleported further in front of that platform, instead of just falling off the edge onto the next platform or falling off and dying.. or even trying to jump again.

    - If you disable lines 20 and 21. And enable line 22. This fixes that issue.. But then the character sometimes teleports all over the play on jumping against the side of the platform. And sometimes the player will glide behind the platforms then teleport either onto them again or fall to its death. I tried fixing this with the use of the disabled line 10. Which sort of did work. But with using line 10 it would just kill you hitting the side of the platforms, instead of pushing you off and then dying from going of the left side of the screen (which is what i want to happen).

    I hope this helps explaining my bugs? if you can call it that.. Or it is me messing up somewhere.

    This is my first construct game so go easy on me

    Thanks guys!!

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