On the edge

On the Edge is a puzzle game where you have 40 levels to have fun with.

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On the Edge is a puzzle game where you have 40 levels to have fun with.

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    Released: 24 Jan, 2022

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On the Edge is a puzzle game where you have 40 levels to have fun with, with the objective of filling the containers to the limit set.

Just click until the amount of water needed to fill, you can’t let it overflow or go below the limit. Have fun in these challenges.

Game was developed in Construct 3.

If you’re using the computer, the mouse does all the action in the game. If you’re on your cell phone, just use the touch.


- 40 Levels

- Puzzle Game

- HTML 5 game exported for your website

- High Definition HD (1280×720)

- AdMob Ads Supported inConstruct 3 (Not included)

- Including Constuct 3 file (c3p and all the source)

- Easy to Reskin

- Playable on all platforms (PC, Mobile, Android, iOS)

- Mobile Controls and PC Controls

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12 months ago

build failed error

build failed error LOG : Cannot connect to build server. Export It isn't happening

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    24 Jan, 2022

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