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  • Hello Constructors!

    I was so pleasantly surprised when I discovered C2 over a year ago. I'm now hunkering down more seriously to release tiny interactive apps, and have a lot to learn!

    I've made a mini-challenge for myself by creating a candle that you light with a lighter, and then blow out. It utilizes UserMedia to get the mic's data to tell if you've blown on your phone or not.

    However, whenever you switch out of Safari or put your iPhone into sleep mode, it shows that it's still using the mic input (as shown with the red bar above -- it's a sign that the mic is in use in a program in the background).

    Here is a link to my project:!Atl_cZVeHm6kkuRjdKy-zEkvOD2MqQ

    I have tried making an OR block to test if System "is suspended" or if Browser "On went Offline". (I'm guessing the latter pertains to losing internet connectivity). Neither seem to work, though curiously I had an issue where the Mic wouldn't work when the app was switched and then revisited, which was fixed by the System "On Resumed" code.

    Does anyone have advice for this? I feel like it should be a fairly simple line of code! I think the possibility of using the mic is really cool and am such a fan of C3!

    Thanks for any help in advance ^_^

    P.S. edit: I should note that I don't have an Android to test this on. So I don't know if it's just a weird Safari/iPhone flub.

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