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  • Hello:

    I recently made a quick game using platform tiles and simple backgrounds from pzuh.

    The game works fine when debugging and also previewing via Construct 3 and testing on other computers.


    I exported my game via Html5, giving me a zip file. I unzipped the files and uploaded them and the folders to my web hosting site.

    When I go to the address where the game exists, the Construct 3 wrapper starts up and finishes. Then, I get a white screen with no other images, tiles, et al... When I right click on the browser screen, I do not get the typical menu options regarding my web browser. So clearly some asset has been deployed - it's just a white screen - a white screen of a disappointment so to speak.

    Does anyone have ideas - I looked at the tutorial for html5 exporting and uploading before I posted this. I must be missing something small.

    Thank you.


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  • Hi All:

    I figured out my problem.

    The game map that I had been designing / playing / testing was the third layout in my project. I was pointing the project to the wrong layout sequence to get to the map.

    Rookie mistake - everything is good here.

    Lesson learned.

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