Upgraded my C2 project to C3 and now it eats Gamepad inputs?

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  • I recently "finished" upgrading my project from C2 to C3. This project involves a function based control mapping system. I.E. Players select a pre-made control type (Keyboard, Gamepad1, Gamepad2, etc) and then whenever a key or gamepad input is used, the game checks if that is the currently selected input and then runs the appropriate actions.

    For instance, pressing the attack Key or pressing the attack gamepad button will eventually lead to the same set of actions nested in a function.

    This was working perfectly, until I upgraded to C3. Keyboard controls are still as responsive as ever, but the gamepad controls regularly "eat" inputs in a really unsatisfying way. Having Steam open at the same time seems to make this worse, but even closed the issue still persists.

    Basically, sometimes you press a button and the action does not occur, or rarely it seems to duplicate (though this could just be my perception). This occurs both for button press and button release events.

    I'm doubtful the issue is performance, mainly because keyboard controls are unaffected, but also the game doesn't dip below 60FPS and rarely uses more than 30% CPU according to the debugger.

    Anyone had a similar issue before? Any idea what I should be looking for?

    I don't know if it matters, but I have not replaced my C2 Functions with the C3 built-in functions.

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  • dop2000 Thank you so much for linking this! I was trying to find any information about this issue but didn't run into that post. Turning worker mode off does seem to help, though I'll keep poking at it to make sure.

  • This should already be fixed in the latest beta.

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