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  • No idea why, but my gamepad inputs are sporadically either being "eaten" or duplicating, at random. Anyone had any experience of this, who can advise on a "best practice" for gamepad?

    It happens in the Preview, so I'm convinced it's somewhere in my events that I've done something wrong.

  • I noticed this before in C2 - if you press multiple gamepad buttons fast, quite often "On button pressed" is not triggered. I'm guessing it's the same in C3.

    It's better not to rely on this event and use "Is button down" condition, which seems to work correctly all the time.

  • It could be caused by worker mode or the API itself. The C3 team will figure it out if you report it properly.

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  • Seems like you got an instant bug fix :)

  • I saw this and thought it was worth checking whether there was some kind of synchronisation problem in worker mode, since the runtime runs in a separate thread to where the gamepad input is polled, and similar subtle problems have cropped up in other ways. I realised that it's possible for some input updates to be missed in worker mode, especially if the framerate is dropping, since the runtime could get out of sync with the input polling. I made some changes to guarantee "On button pressed" and "On button released" reliably get triggered and the change is in r235, so it should be working better there. (You can probably also work around it in the stable release by turning off worker mode.)

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