Any updates on Mouse Over/Out/Click Functionality?

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    Okay - Ive searched EVERYWHERE for the simplest and most efficient way to make a VERY SIMPLE AND FUNDAMENTAL over/leave/click button in Construct and when I finally found this (Mouse event "Mouse over/out" Next Reply Post, but it is 2008 days old) - I was so excited because. I did exactly as the instructions said AND IT WORKED!!!

    BUT when I got up this morning and reloaded my app, then tested... N O T H I N G ??? Can anyone provide insight into this? This has been happening the last several days. I get a button working (using a myriad of methods (over/invert over and click), then suddenly during a subsequent preview - they no longer work? They just sit there in there default state with no interaction? I attached my latest working (then no longer working) example(s) based on the old post as referenced above.

    Also - can someone explain the difference between version 1 and version 2 attached in the image? They appear to do "functionally" the same thing?

    (IMAGE doesn't appear to be showing? You can see my image here:)

    BTW - I tried the same thing using TOUCH (instead of mouse) and previewed on iPad and it works perfectly. (Also - for the record, I restarted browsers, restarted computer, the usual troubleshooting, yada yada :-) )

    I would not use 'Trigger once' for this. There are rather few cases where this condition makes sense.

    Better compare the opacity to prevent the action from running every tick. Also use a 'For each' loop because it could happen that with fast cursor movement and close together buttons, several buttons are activated. I also recommend to use animations instead of Scale for activated buttons. It is easier to control and prevents the button from jumping back and forth when the cursor is over the button with Scale=1 but not with Scale=0.5. Here an example:!Ap_-qxoGKbDcg2iYFUp8b_Qce3yn

    This is beautiful and efficient and should be earmarked for all beginners on how to make simple interactive buttons. Excellent.

    Follow-up... I am really starting to think I have a bug. I tried your code, duped it and everything was perfect... woke up this morning and tested -- nothing? Can you look at the appropriation that I did here and see where I am going wrong? Of course your version still works.

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    The 'set layer color' action was just an example to demonstrate that the buttons work. Dont know if you want to keep it.

    What do you mean by 'nothing'. The project does not even start or the buttons do not work? I opened your file and the buttons worked the way they should. Start your project in debug mode and check all objects.

    Thanks for the feedback. Nothing basically means the buttons are not responding. No mouse over or mouse clicks are working. They simply don’t respond. I am really starting to believe there is a bug in my configuration because I updated my Mac OS, the latest version of Chrome and the latest version on C3. Before I did this, things seemed to work smoothly... Now its hit or miss with buttons and response (some previews and some simply don’t respond)? Not sure but I’ll keep testing - and if it continues will do a screen recording and maybe post in bugs for review...

    What is also surprising is that you are providing a "cp3" file instead of a "c3p".

    Do you get this like that out of Construct or did you rename/made the archive in some way ?

    The buttons did work for me as well as intended on Chrome on Windows.

    If the behavior happens consistently for you on your Mac, consider filling a bug report.

    What is your OS, is it up to date, what is the version of Safari you are using (Chrome is actually Safari with Chrome's skin on Mac), is it up to date ?

    If not, updating the OS/Safari possibly could help out.

    Also to answer your question about the difference between the events in your first image.

    In version 1, the code is supposed to work only once, the first time you place your mouse over the Object.

    In version 2, you will trigger the event each time you place your mouse over Object and the action in "Trigger once" will be executed only once (but still each time you trigger the top event/place your mouse over Object).

    I hope it makes sense/clarifies things a bit.

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