Simple Mouse Over/Clicks Not Responding - any one else?

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  • I have been working on some simple buttons and was even given a great demo file from a fellow forum member (kriand). His version worked great, but when I appropriated his same code it doesn't work on my computer. I actually emailed him the file and it works for him? The file is here below:

    I also did a screen recording to show exactly what is happening. Can anyone provide insight to what I could be doing wrong or is this a bug? I am "relatively" new to construct. The ONLY difference between his file and mine, that I know of is that I imported transp PNGs as my sprites.

    Here is the screen recording of the buttons not working:

    (BTW the screen recording shows only OVER states, but I mention CLICK states also - the screen version is actually OVER only FYI)

    I am using:

    iMac/OS High Sierra 10.13.6

    Chrome Version 68.0.3440.84 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    Construct r111 stable

    Hopefully someone will see a neophyte common problem.

  • Remove For Each

    Mouse Cursor Over Object >

    Object is playing Animation (Your animation) >>> Set Animation

    Object is Not Playing Animation (Your Animation) >> Set Animation.

    You don't need a for each.

  • Thank you TASER - but I think I have figured out the issue (but I don't have a solution - I was hoping this was a beginner's ignorance, since I am new)...

    I actually figured out there seems to be a real estate (viewport-area) issue - ONLY in the bottom and the right side do they NOT work... See this explanation and re-recorded finding I did on YT showing me moving them around the viewport... So I think the code is fine simply because I have done so many different variations - THEY all work EXCEPT in the bottom and right side (scratch head)?

    And I've overlapped sprites, only on the right side (and very bottom) is there an issue. Does construct have any kind of "live" area or is the viewport and all real estate suppose to be live, which is what I assume.

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  • Your issue is bizarre, and not some oddity of Construct. I have a Mac (10.11.6) and Chrome 68 and it doesn't behave the way it is for you. There is something about your system causing the issue. There is no "special" out of bounds area.

    I'd maybe try disabling any extensions in Chrome. Try it in Safari.

  • Good advice - I will do and post my findings... Thank You - dM


    BlackHornet - I guess those 4000 posts you have has taught you a lot along the way - You were EXACTLY right on! I am not sure what Chrome extension was creating the conflict - I had four, but dumped them all (Pinterest, Google Docs Offline, a screen-sharing extension, and one other) and now everything works fine.

    So anyone having similar issues - it appears to be conflicts with some Chrome browser extension. All is fine now. Thank you BH!

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