Understanding global objects

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  • Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone might be able to help me out, I'm certain i am using the global objects wrong but i cant understand it.

    Say you have an object that is global, when you destroy that object, no issue, but when you go to a new layout if you dont destroy the object on the previous layout, it shows up & i just cant understand why, any help here greatly appreciated,

    Regards, hope everyone is well.


  • if you don't destroy the object on the previous layout, it shows up & i just cant understand why

    Because it's global :)

    From the documentation:

  • So i understand that i think, the purpose for making them global is, they respawn/reset when i return to the previous layout, which i don't want.

    Do you think it would be wiser to set the object's into another state and make them non global?

  • My issue is i have loot spawning on destroy, and i don't want the player to be able to move between layout's farming the loot.

    Setting the object to global fixes this because i want the object to remain destroyed, but in the event the player misses one or doesnt destroy it, it shows up (and i know this is as intended lol) i should find another way to turn the loot spawn off.

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  • I think what you are looking for is Persist behavior. Read about it in the documentation:


    Don't set objects global unless you need to have the same object instance in multiple layouts. I very rarely use global objects in my games.

  • Derp, thank you!

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