Trying to wrap my head around how to pin unique items when spawned together

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  • So I've had mixed results and I can't seem to figure out how to make it consistent.

    what i'm trying to do is simply spawn a new object and pin some text to that object.. sometimes it seems to stick.. but other times what i'm seeing is all of the text objects bind to the first object in the scene, even though the item spawns ON each of the unique objects.

    I just can't wrap my head around how when something is spawned it knows to grab THAT copy of a thing and associate with it reliably.

    I tried families but families don't seem to see text objects. I'm using pin and it works, but in this case it's like the second text object pins to the wrong copy.

    and disregard the numeric values.. that's unrelated.

  • It's much easier to do with hierarchy.

    Another option is to use a container, but you'll still have to position all objects and pin them.

  • awesome! containers! man i had forgotten about those.. i was getting families and containers mixed up. as for hierarchy, is that a new(ish) thing? I've not dabbled in this and it seems like a new term. Definitely going to explore both. thanks dop2000 you're awesome.



  • Yes, it's new, and it's a great addition! I'm now using it for everything.

  • any reason you can think of that when i make my objects containers it makes the screen go black.

    i had some pin behaviors but even after stripping them out it still just seems to black out as soon as one of the container objects spawns.

    i get a weird looping problem with the hierarchy.. but i'm going to explore that one more

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  • In preview, when the screen goes black, press F12 and check console log for error messages.

  • yea that worked, but it was pretty cryptic.. to be sure (i'm on Mac)

    still good to know.. i'm going to start my prototype over and focus on this working well first.. probably just trying to lay a new concept on a bunch of other stuff that will take longer to re-engineer than just start fresh.

  • Looks like something related to Pathfinding. Try (on a copy of the project) removing Pathfinding and see if it fixes the problem.

  • it was something in the attached text boxes.. but i think it was that i was spawning text boxes still yet the objects had the text in containers. I probably had some kind of "feedback loop" going on that freaked it out. Thanks! :)

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