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  • Ashley Is it guaranteed that all the triggers (of the same plugin and of the same condition) fire during the same tick of the game?

  • When a trigger fires, it synchronously runs all matching trigger events, in the order they appear in the event sheet.

    It doesn't really make a lot of sense to ask when triggers happen in a tick, because they run separately to ticks. For example they can fire multiple times during or in between ticks, or not at all. I guess the important thing is that it doesn't run anything else in between different trigger events for the same trigger. Is that what you're asking? It's useful to provide some context about why you need to know so I can address that.

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  • I'm working on my Tweening plugin and I was curious if I could store a finished tween's properties in this.FinishedTween, and then trigger OnFinished and let all OnFinished events access this.FinishedTween without having to worry about other Tweenings rewriting this.FinishedTween during the next tick.

    From what I understand, the next tick waits for all triggered events to finish first.

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