Translating custom changes of build-in plugin in C2 to C3

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  • I will try and see if I can explain this in a meaningful way. If not, please ask questions :)

    I am taking over an old C2 project that needs to be converted to C3. It uses some addons, and I am on top of those, by installing the same ported versions in C3.

    However, the former developer added an extra feature to the build-in plugin "text" that allows for character wrapping. This is now a built-in feature in C3. This little custom tweak is now causing issues as C3 won't allow me to import the C2 .capx file as it is missing ID "7" which is referring to custom character wrapping in the text plugin.

    Anyone who knows how I can attack this problem in the best way?

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  • You can have third-part Construct 2 add-ons in Construct 3 by asking their authors to port them using our SDK.

    Otherwise, ask in this dedicated forum for help converting the plugin.

    Finally you can try this beta converter.

    Once you have a Construct 3 version of the add-on, you can install it using the add-ons manager.

    If you have access to Construct 2, you can also edit the project in C2 and remove any trace of that third-part add-on, making it easier to open in Construct 3.

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