Timeline: How do I rotate more than 180?

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  • Hi there, hope you are having a great day.

    I'm trying to animate an arm swinging motion for a character. Problem is that the arm goes the wrong way if I rotate it more than 180.

    - I could in some cases create a lot of keyframes (between swing start/end) and rotate angle a little bit in every keyframe, but that solution doesn't work for me here. I need the animation to be between two keyframes so I can apply a smooth easing motion between the start and the end frames.

    - I tried to use rotation behavior instead of angle, but it doesn't let you animate specific angles. It just uses speed to rotate.

    - I could add property -> instance variable in the timeline and then set angle in the event sheet. But this means I can't preview the animation in the timeline anymore. Also, I would have to do this every time I animate something rotating more than 180. So with a lot of animations it becomes a tedious process.

    I have this same problem happening in a few other animations as well.

    Is there a way to rotate more than 180? Is there something I don't understand here? Seems a pretty big problem from animators perspective.



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