Use a timeline with changing positions?

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  • Hello there. Attached in the file below is a few sprites, a level with visible hitboxes able to parkour/platform through it, and a timeline in the Animations folder called Walking.

    I have tried to get Walking activated whilst the platform behaviour of Player states it is moving. But this resulted in each of the pieces to roll, stop responding, then if I ran into a wall, start drifting into the sky.

    Is it not possible to tell a timeline to update the next step's relative positions? Like, does the engine predecide the maths and that's why it has this error? If someone is able to script the way to run the animation whilst the hitbox is moving, and pin the animation to the hitbox, that would be lovely, as all the tutorials I have seen so far depend on the timeline "spawning" in a static position.

    Once I know how to run a timelined animation with dynamic positioning, I can continue doing the rest of my work.

  • Download project file (sorry, forgot to attack somehow)

  • Okay so by making a Timeline OBJECT in the object types folder, called Animation, I was able to load the animation. but now platforming has mysteriously entirely frozen, I've got to figure out what now is wrong.

  • The debug screen reports that the keyboard isn't reading anything, yet I spam keys. I disabled the animation routine, and it remained frozen.

  • did you turn off default controls in the Platform behaviour properties?

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  • nah dumb me forgot the tile I used to fill the space with black void had collisions on. turned it off and platforming is fine now. but the problem now is that the animation is drifting apart. almost desynced. I'm curious if there's an easy solution to it or not. I'll send a new build in a moment.

  • pff okay, reenabling loop mode fixed the drifting. if I can get the model familied and pinned to the hitbox I can delete this thread.

  • mmmh nope, the timelines don't add to the positions, pinning them to the hitbox locks the X and Y into place.

    So now we're back at the original question. how do I let a timeline animate parts whilst a hitbox tells the timeline were to be positioned?

  • The google drive link has been updated with the current build.

    I just need that animation to move with the hitboxes. pinning the objects does not work. Do I need to write a script that adds the delta of however much the hitboxes have moved to the objects the timeline has also modified?

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