Tilemap problem : autotiling with custom brushes (possible bug ?)

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  • Hello everyone,

    Im trying to use the "set tile with brush" action in order to let construct draw tilmaps quickly on startup, based on a minimalist tilemap that serves as some king of guide for a more comlpex one. Its working just fine, but only if I use just one 16 and one 47 brush.

    For exemple, if I create a second 47 tiles brush for the same tilemap object, the "set tile with brush" action on startup will either not work or results in a black screen on startup.

    I create a minimalist Capx where this problem can be tested :


    On startup, every tiles are tested on a first tilemap that serve as a reference for a second tilemap. The first tilemap stays invisible and the second one "draws" with its own tiles in order to copy the first one.

    Try to change the brush in the action "Set Tile with brush". Brushe 0 will not work at all, Brush 1 will work and Brush 2 will show a black screen.

    All this 3 brushes are yet exactly the same 47 brushs.

    [EDIT] i updated the capx

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  • I also encountered a bug with autotile brushes. Already posted it on bug reports

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