Tilemap - What am I doing wrong?

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  • Hi ALL,

    It's been a while since I used C3, I'm rusty so I wonder what I'm doing wrong here...

    I've created a new project and these steps:

    1 - Created a Tilemap object

    2 - Imported a PNG file with 16x16 grid

    3 - I set the Grid on the Tilemap to 16x16

    4 - I chose the grid tile I want to draw, and the Pencil tool

    Once I try to draw on the Tilemap area... nothing happens, I still see the Arrow mouse sign instead of the Pencil tool... I also tried the fill tool.

    I double checked that my Tilemap dedicated layer isn't locked or anything as well.


    So since I'm rusty I probably do something wrong or forgetting something...

    Can someone please tell me What am I doing wrong and how can I draw my tilemap?

    Thanks ahead!



    It seems to work fine on the normal browser (which I never used, I just checked it) but in the latest Desktop Version + Latest NW.js update I can't use Tilemaps for some reason... so I'm not sure if it's a bug on the desktop version specifically so I wonder if there is a solution beside using C3 via the Browser (no thanks).

    Any help is appreciated thanks ahead! :)


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  • If it's acting differently between browsers then I guess report as a bug?

  • If it's acting differently between browsers then I guess report as a bug?

    I did via Github :)

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