How do I test collision with a specific UID?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I have an object that creates a ball and shoots it at another "receive" object that is the same object as the "spawner" object.

    I know the UID of the receiver object but I can't figure out how to check that the object the ball is colliding with is correct receiver object or not.


    While writing this I thought of the solution... so for anyone else who has the same issue...

    Since I knew the UID of the object I wanted to collide with, I had to add a 'Compare 2 values' event after the collision event that checked the UID of the colliding receiver to equal the saved UID variable.

    (pat on my back).


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  • Or you can use "Pick by Unique ID" as a second condition in the event:

    Ball on collision with Object
    Object pick by Unique ID=123
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