How to sync the animation of instances?

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  • I've been searching for weeks on how to keep the every instances animation of the game object in sync. The game object can be spawn by player at anytime but they start the animation on their own. I tried using Signal to trigger when the animation frame of first instance change and other have to change into the same frame, but it seems like there is a delay between this process so it ended up not in sync.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks


  • You can do this, all other instances will be synced to the first one:

  • Weird, when typing Sprite(0).AnimationFrame the autocomplete fails. It doesn´t recognize Sprite(0) as a Sprite. The code works though.

  • You can do this, all other instances will be synced to the first one:

    Thanks, that could work. But it means that if I use this method, will it conflict with the default animator that we already set? And if it's true, we need to set animation speed to 0 but the condition like On animation finish won't even trigger because we set animation frame manually not by its built-in animator. (if I understand correctly)

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  • I am not sure what you mean by the default animator. Can you just try this code?

    The animation in the first instance will run its course and trigger "On frame changed" and "On animation finished" events. All other instances will be synced to that first one.

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