How to switch from C2 runtime to C3 Runtime without losing progress?

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    Hi guys!

    Players often lose progress due to the curve of the application construct 2-3 (web-local storage) which works even today is not stable.

    Players obsolyutno no matter what may be the problem, they play and enjoy the game, they want their game to work and all! But all their progress can be lost (due to the restart of the smartphone, etc.).

    You know? The user all day accumulates game coins to buy something in the game, he buys plays naslozhdaetsya.

    And tomorrow all his progress is lost!

    And then the players write very bad comments and reviews, put low ratings, they are right!

    They're right! They do not care what Problems you have with the engine, if Your game does not work, then to hell, you can play games competitors who have everything to ensure that the player enjoyed their game!!

    This is a great loss, you can not offend the players, you need to be a servant for them!

    Offer them the best conditions so that they are with You as much as possible!

    From the developers there is no help!

    We need to move to c3Runtime without losing progress from the old c2.

    I would be very happy not to move at all, but as You know, this is impossible.

    Now thanks to this, we are with many developers faced with a problem. We do not know what to do, we do not want to offend their players who save coins spending many hours on the game!

    The game now has more than 10K users, all users have a lot of money and unlock the account.

    All of them will lose their progress if there is a sudden transition from C2 Runtime to C3 Runtime, I personally specifically checked on several smartphones, the progress flies.

    Developers do not pay attention to this problem, and do not want to make any significant decisions.

    Saving progress in the cloud system so that players and we are sure that tomorrow the progress of players will be the same as today, so that progress is not lost at all?

    Why developers are always engaged in the addition of any additions, if those that exist, do not work consistently?

    To me it is unfortunately not clear.

    And as long as You sit back and do nothing, nothing will change!

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    Closing as duplicate of this thread.

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