Problems with C3 C2 purchase saving progress.

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  • Hi!

    Bad Constructor from developers!

    Why is it bad?

    My game now has a large number of players, I want to move to a new version of the construct, but I will not work.

    You know why?

    When You have C2 Runtime and You want to upgrade to C3 Runtime all progress gets lost!!!!!!!!

    You know?

    All the progress that my players have received during the game, will disappear as well as the twin towers!

    How do I upgrade to the new C3 version if all my players lose progress?

    Do you understand what will happen in this case? My players will write very bad comments on Google Play, will put bad marks.

    My game will be completely destroyed!

    At the Russian forum once raised this question, many developers are concerned that it is impossible to move to a new Runtime, as all the progress of the players will be lost!

    I corresponded with many familiar game developers who have a large number of audience, we are all looking for a solution to this issue!

    What do we do?

    Developers, now I want to cry from the fact that You are artificially trying to create differences from c2 between C3.

    Why don't You pay attention to the problems that are really Important now?

    You have created a powerful monster machine system with which we can create divine games.

    But the problem is that You are currently after I built the machine, doing a selection of beautiful colors for penela car!

    You put beautiful wheels, but You do not think about practicality!

    Why do we need beautiful wheels on the car, if we can not drive this car through the mountains?

    For car important mlsnet engine, strong suspension, practical and easily replaceable spare parts!

    You know what I mean?

    I am very concerned, I have a hard time sleeping thinking that I can not take action, my players buy resources in the game, the game is broken and resources are reset, I write to the mail evil players who lose their money!

    I immediately return them with strong apologies so that they do not worry, I promise them that all problems will be solved soon!

    Thank You for Your engine, it is really divine, I'm sure, during the development of this engine, God helps you!

    But God helped You create the Foundation!


    Please, I ask You on behalf of all developers!

    If You can not transfer the saving progress from C2 to C3 Runtime, develop a cloud storage system for us (saving progress on Google Drive)!

    You know what I mean?

    You understand I know we need a plugin to cloud save the game!

    This will solve all major issues! This will solve all the major problems with the engine!

    I'm sure You'll be able to do it!

    All the developers friends! This applies to all of us!

    Will poddezhivaete this question about sohranenii games in the cloud!

    All that I listed on the top will be solved automatically if there is a plugin that saves the progress of players on the cloud storage!

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  • Ugh...

    Step 1: Chill

    Step 2: How is your progress saved right now?

    Step 3: Do you absolutely NEED to update the runtime?

    Step 4: If Step 3 is yes --> There are very likely solutions for your problem, you don´t have to write an essay about it

  • Hello!

    I absolutely do not care what the game works on.

    For me it is more important that there be optimization, for me it is more important that the game on android works stably and without crashes !!!!!!!!

    Cocoon IO was the best platform! How bad is that it is no more!

  • The C3 runtime uses different storage to the C2 runtime. If this is a problem, you should keep using the C2 runtime.

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